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Marit D

Gaming Girl


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I love local musicians..homespun & home recorded. Today I'm going to play some old old favorites I have lying around from the music scene in Arcata California, Humboldt Country (circa ~2001). Including... Automatic Pink, Audio Wreck, The... more

Another tangential show. I am a HUGE mystery science theater fan. I started watching waaaay back in 1995 or so. Well, guess what? They are still out there creating laughs for their fans.

HAha! Another hacking show by yours truly "Gaming Girl the N00b Haker"... it's still not out of my system apparently. This one is all about: $$ machines and Cola dispensers. Don't expect free stuff either. This is all about impressing your... more

Not a gaming episode today, but still fun! Today I will talk about how to access your Mobotix webcam, and remotely configure it. Please don't remotely configure webcams that don't belong to you simply because they forgot NOT to make it... more

Want to create your own PC games? I'm going to talk about how to get started. Tutorial websites, code compilers, game design toolkits, programming languages, game libraries. I will also talk about the game I'm currently working on, and how... more

What do those gamers in the basement do all day? Is it for me? I give a quick introduction to Dungeons & Dragons, and HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu roleplaying games.

Favorite old school video game music from Atari and Nintendo. Game composers that paved the way and managed to make 8 bit masterpieces. And games whose endless music loops made my Mom tear her hair out.

TOPIC * Today I'm giving a shout-out to games brought to the Big Screen. For example..Doom, Laura Croft, Clue, and more. Some were pretty awesome, and some...I have to assume somebody, at some point, was majorly high.

TOPIC * - What is audio description, and why I find it fascinating. Sample audio description from Lord of the Rings. And some of my own from Battlestar Galatica.

*TOPIC* Today I'll talk about the different party boardgames and pen/paper games I've tried. And which are best played drunk. :) The games I'll be talking about are: *Eat Poop You Cat, *Cranium, *Apples to Apples, *Sardines
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