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Obama & Ti/Do Father/Son(Jesus) Revelations 11/6/12 Nettles/Applewhite(Horse) UFO Two Witnesses

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
TiDo Witnesses

TiDo Witnesses


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More on Obama nation (not anti or pro Obama) - black horse in rev. 6. More on dreams: w/Do and the other possibly Tll/Lgg w/ partner. More on how ALL religiosity and Spirituality, though have aspects of positivity but are at this time huge stumbling blocks toward acheiving our highest human potential of considering application for a job working on Do's team. It is application. Religion and even alien based spirituality, peace & love and thinking we are growing from talking about diety and awarenesses and use of music mixed with so called inspirational devotion is actually a powerful "drug" that induces a sense of well being amidst a terrible terrible human predatory self centered illusion of grandeur. It's nero fiddling while rome burns scenerio. We pay taxes and give service to our govn't so they can rape, pillage and profit and lord over others in the US and everywhere else they can. The "weeds" have taken over the garden and rendered most of the plants grateful that they have. Domination by weeds is the brainwashed human "dream". The religious and spiritual are all near completely brainwashed against the Level Above Human. Atheists are at least honest in knowing the religoius and spiritual aren't awake, though many then buy their "science=their god" view for yet another illusion. Stephen Hawkins appears quite logical as he and others make money on talking about whether humans have purpose and how a universe can come from nothing. Fools when the real info has already been provided, though bastardized into religion thus abhorant to non-religious. All these things are answered in a plain and clear way by what Ti and Do brought and did over the last 7000 yrs we know about. It won't be many years until the recycling of other planet's surface/population hits the next gear. I don't look forward to such, though in a sense I do. I'm not mad at life nor mad that I don't have more sucess by human standards, so leaving, though painful to think about will be good.