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Christians, including new agers are an Anti-Christ Luciferian space alien spin of Jesus' message

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TiDo Witnesses

TiDo Witnesses


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Christians are just the latest/biggest spin, but all the religions stemmed from the same response to an incarnate member from what is really an Physical/Mental many membered evolutionary kingdom that is as far above human biologicially, technologically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and even spiritually as are the human species of mammal above all non-human species of animal and animal above planet and planet above mineral forms of life. Level is just a word to describe a complete strata or chasm of difference. This way of thinking was some of what Jesus said, upon his souls return (as he said not to believe anyone who comes in his name because he knew he would not be bringing that same body back again, as it served it's purpose to in the end demonstrate his physicality and "normal" mode of travel - ascending to and from the physical spacecraft hiding and appearing to onlookers only as a "cloud of light" aka UFO. Space Aliens stem from those on Earth in past civilizations, (next level garden experiments to grow souls by their own voluntary desire with the close tending by the master gardeners) and/or from relatively close planets that were once such gardens, who flunked out of the training program to graduate the human condition and are allowed to circulate around the Earth at various times to provide a full range of options to those human plants that are seeded with a "soul seed" to see for what they are and decide whether they want more. Ti and Do were the same souls that came 2000 yrs ago as Father and Son, the Revelations 11 prophesized Two witnesses, a woman and man, from Revelations 12, Ti=The Father and the saints who died believing in Jesus who came by crashing their spacecrafts in the 40/50's.