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Sawyer on: The Rebel Jesus-the Anti:Religion,Spiriutal,Theist Ti & Do Heaven's Gate Cult of Cults

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Some love rebel or historic Jesus. Others hate Him or think he never existed or was a creation of space aliens to make us sheeple or because they are afraid they will be held accountable to their choices that harm the free will of others (as we see some religionists/politicians, etc. everywhere doing) or because of human's co-opt'ing of His teachings into illusionary religions, to include some new age spiritual mindsets. Most quote only a few things He said to support their beliefs. I claim to have been the recipient of perhaps the greatest viewpoint on who He is/represents to include seeing clearly the absolutely required characteristics any return aka "Second Coming" MUST enact which ALL evidence clearly points to having been accomplished through the teachings of Ti & Do, behind the Heaven's Gate group who layed down their physical bodies to permenant sleep in 1997 to close their "overcoming" enlightenment mission of graduation into membership in the Evolutionary Level Above Human, leaving behind the clear cut reasons why & how we who remain & believe in what Jesus taught (not the Christian illusionary he did it for us spin, or that we are already Gods within spin which is Luciferian Space Alien generated brainwash through Paul of Tarsus and others) will have to also consider what Ti & Do taught & did, & if believed & spoken about to others might be literally "saved" (put on ice (figutively)) for a future opportunity to live & not perish in the planet's upcoming recycling, that will only get underway when a large asteroid hits the ocean (wormwood), one that astronomers warn of as the trajectory seems to be a closer pass than the moon is to the Earth. I, Sawyer was a fully dedicated member of the Heaven's Gate cult of cults for 19 years, left of my own volition & have since come into public support of Ti & Do's mission, even while having a family & "normal" life, not in any way religious or in condemnation of anyone, nor out of fear of death. Welcome to reality.