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Ep 30 - Case Study On Finding Untapped Goldmines Hidden Within Your Business

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Sales Funnel Mastery

Sales Funnel Mastery


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In this episode I take you through a case study of how to find untapped goldmines hidden within your existing business. We also discuss why most people are building sales funnels in completely the wrong way and how, when you get your strategy right, you get everything right.

In this episode we'll discuss...

- Why simply putting together a series of pages and emails and calling it a "sales funnel" is going to leave you broke and frustrated...

- How I discovered 1 segment of his customers worth 33x his average customer...

- Why all customers are NOT even remotely equal and how to segment and leverage your hyper-responsive buyers in your marketing...

And so much more!


Hey, this is Jeremy Reeves and welcome back to another episode of the sales funnel mastery podcast.

Alright, so I’ve been going through a lot of changes in my business this year and one of those changes is actually, funny, believe it or not, getting out of sales funnels, okay.  Not that I'm not doing sales funnels anymore, but I'm thinking about them in a very, very, very different way.

Okay, so it's kind of, it really hit me this year that people just don’t think strategically anymore.  It's kind of like, “Oh, I need a sales funnel, let’s just throw together any old landing page” you know, kind of market to any customer, you know, put together some emails and they kind of just, you know, it goes after a broad range of people, and that does not work.

You might get to, I don’t know, you might build a 6-figure business something like that doing it like that, but if you're really looking to grow or if you're really looking to make as much or more money than you are right now by working, you know a quarter or half of the time, you can't think like that, okay.

So one of the things -- one of the bigger realizations that I have had lately is that I'm actually -- since I don’t really care, I kind of had an