Seeing Into the Future

Dan Lewis

Seeing Into the Future

Seeing Into the Future

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Dr. Daniel W. Lewis

  Dr. Lewis has been a tenure-track faculty member at Santa Clara since 1975. During his tenure, Lewis established unique co-op and study abroad options for engineering students that fit within their normal undergraduate four-year plan, the first graduate-level academic certificate programs for working professionals, a new interdisciplinary major in Web Design and Engineering, and an interdisciplinary minor in Information Technology and Society. In 1988, his efforts led to the creation of the Computer Engineering department, providing its leadership for the first 18 years.

More importantly to me was that Dan Lewis was the gentleman in charge of the week Exploring Computer Science I attended in San Jose California in August 2013. There is a critical need to computer science to be introduced into the middle and high schools because the US cannot produce enough Computer Science professionals to meet its present needs or future needs.

This promise to be a great show and I invite all to listen thanks  for Dr. Lewis complete BIO


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