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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. :: *ANTICHRIST & Final Prophecies on world stage NOW. (*News confirms w/ jolting clarity) --- 10AM(et) (1-2 Hours) ..on SUN, WED & FRI ::. *Over 4.4 MIL visitors +Over 5 MIL YouTube viewers now "SEE ALL these things" ...IN PLAIN VIEW :: (Matthew 24:33) _______*Rob Conrad: Spirit-filled minister, prior church Pastor, Assoc Chaplain Prison Ministry 6 Yrs, author 6 books (4 on Bible prophecies), prophetic voice (*all info at 'About Us' section of ::. *Recent Broadcast: Fri. 9/19/14 (*most Broadcasts are not archived) ~

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* :: *TODAY: God's PROMISES & MIRACLES - HEALINGS :: "...and power was coming from Jesus & healing them ALL." / (Luke 6:19) Do you OR someone you know have a DISEASE & need a physical MIRACLE? *TUNE INTO THIS BROADCAST. [*terminal cancer, leukemia, fibro-Myalgia, Krohn's, aids, arthritis, diabetes, muscular sclerosis-dystrophy, multiple personalities, Huntington's disease, endoMetriosis, sexual diseases, skin diseases, shingles, sudden chronic-inexplainable mental-bodily affliction(s), life-threatening diseases, addictions (drug, over-counter medications), ETC] *ANTICHRIST & Final foretold Prophecies on the world stage IN PLAIN VIEW ::. Over 4.4 MIL visitors, +Over 5 MIL YouTube visitors now "SEE ALL these things" on the world stage today. / (Matt 24:33/ the Lord Jesus Christ) *YOUTUBE Channel of > *OFFERINGS : Thank you for prayerfully considering contributing to the work of the Lord. --Rob C. "The HARVEST is plentiful but the laborers are few." (the Lord Jesus Christ / Matt 9:37) ::..
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* :: *TOPICS: Spiritual Discernment of demon-possessed people, CASTING OUT demons, & walking in the ANOINTING of power & authority of God's Spirit ~ *ANTICHRIST & Final foretold Prophecies on the world stage IN... more

* :: *TOPICS: ISIS, Mideast boiling, ISRAEL, USA, world developments? ....momentum now w/ Antichrist in W. Europe -- (*News). *LINK: Antichrist 'guessing-game' Ends Here *LINK: Revelation's False Prophet,... more

* :: *TOPICS: Gifts of the Holy Spirit, spiritual Discernment, recognizing--casting out demons, false prophets & church pastors devoid of the Spirit of God across the USA. *LINK: anointed deliverance ministry VS.... more

* :: *TOPICS today : False Prophet of Revelation IN PLAIN VIEW today (*News) & the coming Divine Outpouring of God's Spirit upon ISRAEL & the world & its EXACT TIMING. *LINK: Antichrist 'guessing-game' Ends Here... more

* :: *TOPICS : Mideast, World developments & News update; And where exactly are today's world events heading to, & when, today's End Times ? *ANTICHRIST & Final foretold Prophecies on the world stage IN PLAIN... more

* :: *TOPIC : World stage NOW READY for ANTICHRIST's appearance *LINK : Antichrist 'Guessing-Game' Ends Here > *ANTICHRIST & Final foretold Prophecies on the world stage IN PLAIN VIEW ::. Over 4.4 MIL... more

* : *TOPICS : Major prophecies MATCHED in NEWS; NEXT End Time events to occur; ANTICHRIST on world stage ~ **LINKS TODAY: ISRAEL (& terrorists) / RUSSIA / ANTICHRIST *ANTICHRIST & Final... more

* : *TOPICS : "ALL" the deception of ANTICHRIST & the nearing 7 Year TRIBULATION / *News ~ *ANTICHRIST & Final foretold Prophecies on the world stage IN PLAIN VIEW ::. Over 4.4 MIL visitors, +Over 5... more

* : *TOPIC: "What is God calling the body of Christ in AMERICA to do right now ?". This prophetic word is for God's children & every American who thirsts & has ears to hear at this crucial hour. * Prophecies >... more

* : *TOPICS : END TIME America -- 2014 ; coming eruption of lawlessness in USA; #1 threat to USA today our own President; *News/Top U.S. Generals & Lt. Colonels' alarm at Obama's Presidency; *News/ "Obama... more
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