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On November 29- 1947, David Ben Gurion- executive Head of thre " World Zionist Organization and the President of the Jewsh Agency for Palestine, declared a Jewish State in Eretz, Israel ! The termination of the " British Mandate for... more

Today's Show is called Business Dashboard's because if you are in business and you do not have a dasboard or know how to read one, you could be wasting time ? For years businesses had a basic so called meter, analytic, dasboard, or... more

I am so tired of hearing and seeing so many families throw there lives away by enabling loved ones in there addictions and behaviors ! I believe Enabling is second behind Mental Health as a leading health epidemic in America !... more

I was hotter then a fire cracker this morning when I heard and seen the official photograph of Ice Cube, Gary Gray, Dr. Dre and 3 young men kneeled down in front of them who will be potraying ( acting) as Ice Cube, Eazy E, and Dr. Dre !... more

The Art of Promotions is a distinct science of getting one's name out and to pull crowds through doors or to televsion screens ! Promotions is so general with many sub groups on this particular Art, the reason I call it Art is because it... more

This episode is for anyone who is interested believer or not about " Keeping The Faith " through a un- predictable or predictable flawed society and world we live in.This episode will not be a debate on or if God excist, each to there own, just... more

Meet Entertainment Veteran ( 20 plus years) Christopher Todd Williams also know as " The Saint " ! I met my Original Godbrother in 1992 by intriduction of our Brother Bruce Bowers and the first thing I noticed was he is a talker with... more

Mental Illnes is still taboo to talk about in some circles, its stigma of shame, denial, cycle and curse has destroyed countless of Families ! What are we scared of ? Bipolar and Schizophrenia are the two most common illnesses talked... more

The dictionary definitition of Peace : The absence of War or other hostilities ! Calm; tranquility is a priceless state of being in our house, business, relationships, politics and our everyday communication with us human beings ! The Power of... more
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