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I have been studying that the first African slaves were brought by a Dutch ship to the British Colonies in 1619 an there were 20 of them. It is said that the total population of African slaves at its height were 6 or 7 million mostly concentrated in the South to work the tabacoo and cotton fields ! It is estimated that United States of America and mostly from the South have had made a staggering minium of 20 Trillion Dollars from enslaved Africans ! Its now 2015 and us African Americans had been physically free for 154 years but still have been enslaved for 96 years longer ( total 250 years ). We are still the lowest class of community on our Financial house living per capital in the United States of America and we are Hispanic Brothers and Sisters are now have replaced us as the biggest minority population wise in America !
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Transcrpts from " The Willie Lynch Letters In 1721 " say's : I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves, and I take those differences and make them bigger. I use FEAR, DISTRUST and ENVY for control purposes.These... more

After 9-11, I started being treated different at my job at Walmart in Roundrock Texas, a particular European American Female Manager would harshly dictate my job assignments and she was relentless ! At first I just thought she was having... more

I have been living with my last name Shabazz since January-2- 1992 on my 25th birthday, I decided I was a new Man who now knew and was convinced that God had revealed my Idenity, Purpose, nd Lige Calling ! I was 9 years old when... more

The Protocols Of Security are pretty basic but each individual circumstances may be the same and different at the same time ? Some people have to make sure there families always have a bodygaurd in place, and that could be very... more

Wow what a year in Las Vegas, Nevada with all the domestic homicides and pedestrians killed, there is no shortage of this place living up to its name Sin City. I Thank my God that he was there for me when my whole life was on the... more

September -18- 2014 has changed my Life for ever as I recieved an " Concussion " by a sucker punch from my 30 year old schizophrenic step son. He knocked me out and when I came through I couldn't remeber anything but what... more

Everyday in real life ther are humans who intentially are trying or aer destroying peoples Marriages, Businessess and Lives.Some of them do it out of jealousy, envy, revenge or want what you have ? Now this episode may seem like a " Life... more

There seems to be a New era or definition of the word opportunity, my basic understanding is opportunities is a chance to advance or further ones career or life ! The perception now in busineess opportunities is, you pay me for a... more

As I come to the end of reading part 4 its been really theraputic to release your life's story from the years 1998 - 2011 ! When I first started writing daily and weekly about my life ,it was sometimes the only emotional outlet that I felt i had... more
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