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Wars, Weather, Disease, Violence, Riots, have always been going on in our world, is the media blowing things out of porportion for ratings ? Am I doing this show for ratings or to keep people informed ? Why are so many people in social media posting about problems but not posting any positive non violent means of way of solutions ? It seems fear is the leading indicator of gun sales up and people being prepared for violence, and some people will use that is an excuse to shoot and then ask questions ! Also what does looting and destroying peoples businesses got to do with helping Mike Brown and his family get justice ? I said it once and I will say it again, those who are looting and destroying businesses should be prosecuted to the fullest for there criminal act. People do not be ignorant those who are commiting these crimes are the minority and they do not represent the masses of the good people in the African American Community !
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Today we will be talking about Run Dmc, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys and on the Wesr Coast we had Too Short, Mac Dre, Uncle Jam Army, Egyptian Lover, Toddy Tee, and Ice T with DJ Evil E . Also we had the Classic Movies " Beat... more

I was 12 years Old when I first heard this song called " Rappers Delight " by the Sugar Hill Gang ! All I knew was this song and rythm of the words were something I and my friends never heard before ! One thing for sure was, we... more

On November 29- 1947, David Ben Gurion- executive Head of thre " World Zionist Organization and the President of the Jewsh Agency for Palestine, declared a Jewish State in Eretz, Israel ! The termination of the " British Mandate for... more

Today's Show is called Business Dashboard's because if you are in business and you do not have a dasboard or know how to read one, you could be wasting time ? For years businesses had a basic so called meter, analytic, dasboard, or... more

I am so tired of hearing and seeing so many families throw there lives away by enabling loved ones in there addictions and behaviors ! I believe Enabling is second behind Mental Health as a leading health epidemic in America !... more

I was hotter then a fire cracker this morning when I heard and seen the official photograph of Ice Cube, Gary Gray, Dr. Dre and 3 young men kneeled down in front of them who will be potraying ( acting) as Ice Cube, Eazy E, and Dr. Dre !... more

The Art of Promotions is a distinct science of getting one's name out and to pull crowds through doors or to televsion screens ! Promotions is so general with many sub groups on this particular Art, the reason I call it Art is because it... more

This episode is for anyone who is interested believer or not about " Keeping The Faith " through a un- predictable or predictable flawed society and world we live in.This episode will not be a debate on or if God excist, each to there own, just... more

Meet Entertainment Veteran ( 20 plus years) Christopher Todd Williams also know as " The Saint " ! I met my Original Godbrother in 1992 by intriduction of our Brother Bruce Bowers and the first thing I noticed was he is a talker with... more
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