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The Land of Israel, who does it really belong to? For centuries, the debate over the Land of Israel rages on, even going as far as the United Nations attempting to rule on the matter. Join Rabbi Hilbrant as his presents his arguments on this very heated and difficult subject
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From the early stages of the Christian faith, opponents claimed the faith was wrought with divisions and chasms of belief. This longstanding series of divisions have clouded the picture that the Church presents about Jesus. Much of... more

Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he teaches on The Law and the Oral Tradition. The Law and The Commandments, given at Mt. Sinai provide the backbone of Judaism. The Oral Tradition is the "How-To" of Judaism, how the Law is to be... more

?What mission does God have for us? What does Hashem want us to join Him in accomplishing here on Earth? Are we sometimes getting in the way? Join Senior Instructor David Fournier as he teaches in Four Anti-Solutions,,, blockages that... more

Listen in on Rabbi Hilbrant as he teaches on the practice of Orthodox Notzrim Judaism, what it is not and truly what it is. Rabbi will explain how Orthodox Notzrim Judaism sees Yeshua of Nazareth as the embodiement of the Messiah... more

Perhaps now more than ever, the Historical Jesus is under attack, both from outside the Christian Faith and inside. The current picture of Jesus in the Church has fragmented His idenity and caused the current wave of "Mythicism" to gain... more

Overall, people tend to pay more attention to the lives of others than being concerned with their personal contribution to this life. We really don't have all the time in the world to figure it out, so tonight we will focus on maximizing our... more

Die On Empty-Fullfill your destiny of assisting God in the Repairing of the World. They say you can't take it with you, truth is, as a Christian following the teaching traditions of Jesus, you wouldn't want to. Join Senior Insructor David Fournier of... more

From the Torah portion "Trumah", comes this amazing lesson about our contributions and how they live on past our own lifetimes. Who we learn from, spend time with, has a huge impact on how we will contribute to others.. Join... more

Join Rabbi Marshall as he discusses the tough questions about the ongoing "Law versus Grace" debate and how the Jewishness of Jesus should affect our understanding of Him...