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Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he covers the mystery and power of the Portion of Pinchas. Learn a vital lesson in "anger management" and try to see how this incident affected the temple practice for years.

God takes speaking against His appointed leaders very serious. Korach and his followers attempted to overthrow Moses and this proved to be a fatal error in judgment. Hear Rabbi Hilbrant discuss this topic and shed light on why God... more

The sending of the spies.... A critical moment in the history of the wanderings of Israel. Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he talks about the significance of this event and how it impacted the travels of Israel.

The Portion of Naso is the largest portion of the 54 Torah portions. It covers the consecration of the Temple and the priestly duties. Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he brings importance and defintion to this amazing Torah portion.

Rabbi Hilbrant starts us in one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible, The Book of Numbers. This book covers material mentioned in the other Torah books, but also adds very important beginnings to understanding Jewish Numerology.

Join Rabbi Hilbrant on his journey through the State of Israel and celebrating its Independence

How does a nearly 3,000 year old text effect our faith? If the Law of Moses was eliminated by Grace and the Christian Evolution, what is the purpose of studying the Old Testament (Torah) documents? Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he expands of... more

Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he teaches on the sensitive issue of the Holocaust Remembrance and its significance to the Nation of Israel and the Jewish People. Rabbi will perform special prayers from the Remembrance Service and discuss... more

Join Rabbi Hilbrant on his popular teaching series.