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Between each of our episodes on this matter, Hamas continues to show it's true murderous side. Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he continues his series and also holds in memory those recently lost...

This episode is part two of our series on the Israel and Palestine Conflict. Hamas and many of the "people" offering the State of Israel are simply terrorists bent of the ultimate goal: The destruction of Israel. No one is fooled by Hamas and... more

If you are like me, you have probably hoped for an answer to what Hammas truly is and how they operate. Is there a possible two-state solution for Israel and the Palestine Authority? Who is coming to the table seeking open dialogue and who... more

Join Rabbi Hilbrant as ge teaches on one of the most fun and yet serious of the Holy Days

The portion of Nitzavim covers the entering of the covenant and Moses describing to Israel what this will mean. Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he teaches on this vital point of Torah and The Nation of Israel

Tonight's episode will include the topic of Torah portion Ki'Tavo, led by Rabbi Hilbrant

Perhaps one of the most expansive Torah portions, Moses begins to address issues of societal life and how God wants Israel to perserve and protect their convenant relationship with Hashem Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he expands on this... more

Tonight we will delve deep into the Israel and Hamas conflict gaining understanding and perspective from one of Israel's Spiritual leaders, Rabbi Hilbrant. This emotionally charged episode will cover the real issues surrounding... more

Join Rabbi Hilbrant as he covers the mystery and power of the Portion of Pinchas. Learn a vital lesson in "anger management" and try to see how this incident affected the temple practice for years.