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Colors are everywhere and everything has a color. Why do we choose to wear certain colors? What can we learn about others with the colors that surround them? Joan discusses the colors, their meanings, and how we can use them to help us in our every day life. WHAT!?! Yes, colors can help you! Listen and find out how!
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Joan discusses your energy field, your aura. Yes, you have one and it is very colorful. Everything has an aura and you too can learn how to see them. Also learn how to protect your aura too! (It's part of you so let's keep it healthy!)

Do you feel like you are dragging? Do you feel like someone or something is pulling you down or holding you back? Energy is clingy and sometimes you may have to do some cleaning! Join Joan as she discusses how to clear your energy... more

Do places and things look just like you had left them but you hadn't been there before? Is there a familiarity? Are you able to visualize? Join Joan as she discusses Astral Projection and Remote Viewing.

Reiki. Have you heard of it? Want to know more? Have you experienced a reiki session? Join Joan as she discusses the basics of Reiki and what to expect at a reiki session.

Feeling bogged down? Crabby? Aches and pains? Maybe it's your energy body that is ailing. Join Joan as she discusses tips to keep your energy body healthy and the various methods to stay fit.

Manifesting. Is there something in your life that you want? A new job, a new home, a new car... the list can go on and on. It IS possible! We all create the life we live and by knowing how, you can too! Join Joan as she discusses... more

Crystals are powerful tools with so many to choose from. Join Joan as she discusses the specifics on which crystals and stones to have handy for every day uses and protection techniques.

Gratitude. What are you thankful for? Are you thankful? Do you appreciate everything in your life? How about others in your life? Have you expressed your gratitude to them? Join Joan as she discusses the power of gratitude and what... more

Karma Karma Karma! Why is there Karma? Why do situations occur in our lives? Is it Karma? What creates Karma? Listen to Joan discuss the Universal Law of Karma.

La Luna, that bright orb in the night sky. How and why does it affect us? Learn the cycles and what you can do to harness its power.