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Real Conspiracies with Solutions

Real Conspiracies with Solutions


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This show unveils conspiracy realities with scientific and spiritual solutions covering govt. and corp. coverups/medical malpractice/immortality/sexuality

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One thing people consistently ask me, whether they be students, (www.drrobertnewton.com) or life and relationship coaching (www.greatmotivationaltlks.com) is how to develop their psychic abilities.... more

So it is said and believed by the vast majority of humanity that sex is an inescapable urge and a necessary evil. Still other people feel they are getting away with something forbidden....a taboo! Other people see sex as something... more

Lee Ross and Chris Dillard, founders of T.O.O.L.S (Temple of Objective Life Study), are two of the most amazing people I have been blessed to know because everytime I interact with them my understanding of things is vastly expanded and... more

"The Da Vinci Codes" was about things that have been hidden from us. BUT there are hidden codes of God, things that can completely liberate and enrich humanity. Why these codes have been kept from us has to do with the "powers that be"... more

Due to several factors, male impotency/erectile dysfunction is affecting men even in their thirties and forties. This used to be something that only happened to men in the late fifties, sixties and beyond. ANYWAY, TAKE HEART, because Dr.... more

Immortality of the human body is something Dr. Newton has been studying since 1961. Danny Caputi, a doctoral candidate in Mathematics and a presenter at the Science and Non Duality Conference (SAND) will discuss whether we can prove... more

Welcome to my show and my guest, Marlene Marie Prinzing has developed a system of mental and physical rehabilitation and it really delivers results, in a safe, effective and affordable manner! This is all achieved through Marlene's The... more

Most people know there is an inherent unfairness in our economic systems, be they Capitatlism, Free Market, Socialist, Communist, Nazi or whatever! And these structural differences are justified by at least two things, "survival of the fitest",... more

My guest today, Lis McPherson, treats sickness and disease through modality of Reflexology. Amazingly enough, every part of the body can be accessed through the soles of the feet via this type of acupressure. SO TUNE IN, for this MOST... more

My guest on Thrus., 4-30-15 at 7 PM Pacific and 10 PM Eastern, is Paul E. Martin and Paul does all of these things and more. Paul came from a large family and had his own large family and regularly communicates with trees,... more