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Show is about spiritual and social elevation through, independence music, the arts, literature and intellectual vibes. We spark the minds of the collectiv

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We will explore freedom struggle vs distraction. The power of freedom is within us and not external. We must begin to create solution and not depend on those who oppress. Build bridges and not create problems.

Tonight we journey into the inner conscious self. We wiil explore our ego and the inner child. We will look at how these energies or elements influence our decision making. How they influence the relationship we have. When we speak is it our... more

Sol Spark Magazine will explore the true statement there is power in numbers. We speak organinizing. We will explore the strenght of unity and why it is essential for us to unify by overcoming the ego yet maintaining self love. We will speak on... more

We will evaluate cloned political and religious leadership that is controled as puppets by the public matrix machine thayt perpetuates voluntary servitude. We will discuss solutions by shaping grassroots leaderships that ignites and... more

We will explore how to love freely with out trying possess our mate because of insecurity. We will explore accepting on another on each others on terms.

We will discuss the great deception taught from generation to generation within the education instutions and reinforced by mislead older generations. We explore the truth about Public way life and Private way of life. We will look beyond the... more

We will explore how to avoid public distraction while in pursuit of self knowledge, self empowerment and inner discovery. We are bombarded by psychological distractions by news media and social media in these powerful times. We will... more

Tonight is we will do our community watch empowerment program. We will talk about current events effecting our community. We will enjoy great vibes and share our journey for today.We talk about speaking our desire and will to the... more

Inner Truth: Sol Spark Magazine@ Blogtalk The message: Discover the Magic of Self Love through Your Inner Child. This Friday 18, 2014 at 10pm. Sol Spark guest hotline: (718)508-9263. Our Special Guest Host Creole Moon... more

We explore how to build stronger lasting relationships through communication, financial development, life management by objective and life active planning through goal setting.