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Join me as we travel the spiritual nature of our being and drop all things that divide us.In regards to this podcast, eat the meat and discard the bone!

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As we reflect on a specific topic we eventually tune-in to WHO'S LOOKING BACK! We can focus on the chaos or build something that will help us express Brotherly Love,give Relief and find Truth.

Join me as I get absorbed in meditative thought and contemplative reflection.

As soon as you hear this question your faith wants to respond but it is telling your subconscious mind to worship instead of becoming,but whorship is fine..we all have to start someplace on the ladder.

Indigenous cultures throughout history have tried to commune with The Most High or the Apex of their own being by rituals, mantras, or meditations and many other forms that was passed down by ear to mouth or written in stone knowledge and... more

Wor.Bro.Angelo Soliman the moor was enslaved at the age of 7 and was transferred to Prince Georg Christian, Furst von Lobkowitz in 1732-34. In November 28, 1739 Prince Georg before his death had Prince Joseph Wenzel... more

Have you ever heard of Angelo Soliman? He is a name not known by the public unless you are a rosicrucian or freemason or dive deep into history with an open mind.Black history month only talk about fragments and omit entire sections of a... more

There are many different levels of knowing that we use everyday.One way of knowing is through our intuition and rituals.Ritual is defind as an established routine,a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects,... more

Why are we so divided when nature shows us the sublime path we should follow?

It is up to us on how we look at things.
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