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Milwaukee Mystic

Quest For The Mystic Temple


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Join me as we travel the spiritual nature of our being and drop all things that divide us.In regards to this podcast, eat the meat and discard the bone!

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Conversation With Canadian Freemason, W.Bro.Gordon Echlin- Why Should We Subdue Our Passions? (Picture) Left=Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario Right=W. Bro. Gordon Echlin

Join me as I share my thoughts from WITH THE ADEPTS-AN ADVENTURE AMONGST THE ROSICRUCIANS,BY FRANZ HARTMANN Franz Hartmann(1838-1912) was a german medical doctor,theosophist,astrologer and... more

The Grand Architect is visible through us and all around us, but we fail to recognize this Grand Being as It will appear in vast ways in the visible and invisible worlds.As an onion is peeled to reveil your Divine Self, the ego will... more

The new candidate in Freemasonry will have to learn how to adjust his or her frequency to harmonize.

We are currently in a patriarchal cycle and we cannot ignore the woman just because of her gender. She have been in intiation rites since the dawn of the human family,Hence Isis said: ?I have revealed to mankind mystic initiations. I... more

(1) Those that take the image of the thinker. (2) Those that take the image of a material object. (3) Those that take entirely its own form. From the compiled work of Annie Besant and C.W.Leadbeater,Thought-Forms

An egregore is a collective mind of a group..from the tibetan word tulpa we get a being or object created from the mind alone and in the western tradition it is called a thoughtform which is a interpretation of the tibetan concept. Cosmic waves... more

As we reflect on a specific topic we eventually tune-in to WHO'S LOOKING BACK! We can focus on the chaos or build something that will help us express Brotherly Love,give Relief and find Truth.

Join me as I get absorbed in meditative thought and contemplative reflection.
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