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It is a futile, vain endeavor to try  to cause a permanent fixation of any outward condition; because regulated change is the secret of correct control of any condition in the outer (outside self).  Hence, the alchemical dictum:  "Disolution is the secret of the Great Work."  Destruction is the foundation of existence.  The Power has to be controlled is the stream of mental energy.  Physical forms are temporary fixations of arcetypal and creative images of The Universal Mind which never runs out.  It is Omnipresent and exists where ever there is a human personality.    We have immediate access to this Source of Limitless Supply.  Let this be our Declaration:  I AM NOW in a position to demonstrate by my own Liberation/Freedom from limitations which are not the True Nature of things.  The Truthful Interpretation of My Relationship with the Life Power is valid.  Therefore the hypnotic spell of the belief that things and cirumstances govern my life is broken more easily by demonstration than by argument.

Once the dream of a few has been realized, the rest of the world accepts it as a matter of course.  So It Is with our freedom from the bondage of external circumstances.  (The Magical Language)

"And be constantly renewed in the Spirit of Your Mind [having a fresh mental and Spiritual attitude.]....Therefore rejecting all falsity and being done now with it, let everyone express the Truth with their neighbor; for we are all parts of One Body and members one of another."  Eph 4:22-24