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Sheikh Musleh Khan answers your questions on marital issues. Connect with 'Musleh Khan' on Facebook. Join to find your spouse!

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This episode is brought to you by Pure Matrimony – The World's Largest Matrimonial Service for Practising Muslims'. Register now at to find your better half. In this episode, Sheikh Musleh... more

The Muslim Ummah is facing a BIG crisis with more marriages breaking down more than ever. One of the most common reasons of marital discord is due to the fact that men are no longer men and are not taking care of their families.... more

Got a pressing question related to marriage, relationships and family life? Then ask our resident expert Sheikh Musleh Khan who will answer your questions every week on Agony Sheikh! We aren't currently taking live questions, but you can... more

Got a problem or issue that needs solving about marriage, relationships or family life? Then get your answer here with Pure Matrimony's resident expert Sheikh Musleh Khan as he answers all your questions live... Connect with Shiekh... more
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