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Master Prophetess Roselena F

Eating From The Prophets Table With: Master Prophetess R. Flournoy


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Eating From The Prophet's Table With: Master Prophetess Roselena Flournoy In His Grace Ministries© We we're birthed in The Spirit over 9-10 years ago for Blogtalk, fb, YouTube; And, Google, by The Holy Spirit into God's Compassionate Image! He started a the Vision of this, over... 19 year's ago. This Excellency and Supernatural Manifestation Captivated us into a Transformation, of Christ Jesus Glory!!! The transformation made that change I needed to help me first, just a bit more than a year ago. This is where we said, “Yes, to... “Eating From The Prophets Table.“ Now The Lord is leading us to a place where we're conducting...Live Video Sessions of Training in our Intimate Places in The Prophetic on... Live Video Streaming on Facebook, Live streaming channel's; and Google as well. We're Blessed, Supernaturaly Favored; and full of God's Magnificent Perfected Grace, and Mercy!!! This has been a extremely humbling honor for training in my life!! Teaching on The Prophetic with very Fruitful, And, Increasing Advising privileges, Counseling, Life Coaching, Speaking & Training Manifestation Sessions when conducting: “Supernaturally Prophetic Explosion Meetings/Seminars. “ What we walk in, whenever Called on by The Master to go and, deposit HIS GLORY thru “All Of God.“ Lifestyle Meetings! I refuse to just placed God in a "box;" And, call it a Revival!!! I want ...“All of what God has for us in our daily lives thru His Training, Seminar's, Book's etc... “If we really want a significant differences in...{Whatever Each of us needs to place here!} “We need to choose to be DifFer€nţ Significantly; And, Supernaturally !“© Master Prophetess Roselena Flournoy So many Blessings, from: 1}. Lifestyle Coaching.. 2}.Training Sessions of The Office of A Prophet/Prophetess. 3}. Advising everyone from Ministers, Pastor's, 1st Ladies {Approaching God's Vision For You, As You Do Him/ For 1

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Trusting God in all you do even when it comes to parenting can help you so far in life we don't always need the guidance of a physical being mama or daddy long as we have God

Water Came Running Out Of “The Rock“ Abundantly.“ I Hear The Sound Of Ambulance! Water Came Running Out Of “The Rock“ Abundantly.“ Numbers 20:1-14 I Hear The Sound Of Ambulance! If your doing good or not, "ALL of the... more

How many times do we say a prayer telling God we need Him? How many times do we pray to God thanking Him for all He has done and saved you from? So many times I can say I have called on Him He may not come when I wanted... more

living in the now can be better when we accept it instead of accepting the downfall from the past. Learn to accept where God has brought you and know that he's about to bring you further!

Relationships without trust there is no trust and without relationship there is no trust.

God is calling all His children to arise and dance it's the time for the Bride Of Christ to walk down that isle! God is saying I have you legs not just to walk but to run I gave you hands not just to build but finally grab I gave you eyes to... more

In life we become worried when God tells us the position He has planned for us as His servants the question that comes to most minds is well will others judge me will others turn against me will people laugh at me due to my past? We... more

Learning that God can and God will is the best thing we could ever do even if it takes time it's worth the patience. Acts 14 vs8-10 ". In Lystra there sat a man who had been born crippled; he had never walked. As this man was listening to... more

Living to finally put that guard down and learning to trust without thinking someone will hurt you. In life you will get hurt by people you may have trusted but that doesn't mean you can no longer trust others if you go down that path everything... more
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