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~ The Prophets Table~ Was birthed in The Spirit and Manifested a few years ago, I actually had ~The Prophets Table, ~ on another website. Now The Lord is leading me to share it here on Blog Talk, fb; and Google as well. We are Blessed, Highly Favored; and full of God's Magnificent Grace, and Mercy!!! This has been a humbling honor for training, teaching the Prophetic with a Fruitful, increasing advisory privilege from The Lord. We honor Jesus Christ; and His Shed Blood in our communion while advising, Pastors and Leadership, The 5 Fold Ministry. Prophetess N Grace has been teaching; the orderly and proper ways of conducting... Kingdom business in the "Right Mentality," for the equipping of The Saints in Grace over 20 years now. This Ministry was Mandated; to Prophesy into The Bride of Christ, and all of Her Glory! We have this honor, to Graciously bring, The Good News of Jesus Christ and His Salvation. God has given us the greatest privilege of sharing The Gospel to the lost, and hurting concerning God's Unconditional love. He also desires to Manifest in His healing, signs, wonders and miracles in our unity as One in Christ!!! In the. Prophetic, we are Called also. In direction, and correction in The Bride of Christ, (The Church, The Body). ~The Prophets Table ~ Teaches Prophets and Prophetess We must be very acquainted with The Holy Spirit and our boldness and Authority in The Lord! Prophesy Boldly with Authority Beloved of God into every situation in people's lives and our own as well. This Ministry lives and teaches on, living a lifestyle of worship, walking in the Anointing and Power of God. Dwelling with The Father, in His Secret Place, causes us to see His Revelations in great magnitudes before our very eyes. There's a time for cooperate worship; And that's needed and necessary. But, there's also a personal time between us and God, that what takes us to a whole new level in Jesus Christ! Jesus

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Tune in Wednesday as the Founder Prophetess N Grace will be preaching to encourage and equip those walking in adversity from God's Favor. For those of you who are in this very place, and those of you who desire to walk in God's Favor. The Prophetess was directed to build each of you precious souls up in the middle of your adversity. You will be able to see the way you can abide in The Lord's Favor through a encouraging, life changing Revelation from The Throne Room of God Almighty.
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Do you feel the fear that somebody is going to molest, abuse, or etc to you even after you have accepted jesus as you savior and lord? Are you tired of being weak in this area of your life and feel that you need something to happen... more

Understanding when god is calling you to feel in a certain position: father husband wife boss prophet prophetess. Learning how to fulfill your position with god guiding you.

Have you have ever been hit by someone but never reported it, Have you have ever felt like your alone and scared to tell anyone because of the abuse. Have you been abused mentality, sexually, verbally, emotionally, physically or have... more

Join us, let's, Break Bread through a "Fellowship Of Love & Acceptance!" Are u seeking a Church 2 call home? Are you Disabled, and not always able 2 get 2 Church? Have u been wounded n Church? Are u, or your family members... more

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Wednesday night bible study

Sunday Service with: "In His Grace Ministries".

Tune in Friday (TODAY) 8/1/2014 at 3:30as The Co-Pastor/Host Prophetess Jimera Griffin shares a life changing word concerning learning to encourage ourselves when the world discourages us. We have to learn to build ourselves... more

Wednesday night bible study
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