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    Chris Ford on the ABC Kids Expo

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    Droolicious blogger Chris Ford joins us to talk about the new baby and kiddie products that he saw at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.

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    Dr. Amber Brooks DAN Professional

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    Join me as I interview a DAN- Defeat Autism Now doctor Amber Brooks. 

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    Parents Perspective ..... Brain Sentry Impact Sensor, what is it? CONCUSSIONS ?

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    Hello parents how much do you know about concussion testing and some of the measures that are being looked at in the field of prevention? Do you have a child that plays football, hockey, lacrosse or all three? After a big hit how do you determine if the forces received could have caused a concussion? If there was an indicator that could tell you the hit was excessive immediately, would you be interested in hearing about it? Are you interested in learning about what technology exists to try and prevent a concussion? Have you ever heard of Brain Sentry Impact Sensor? If no you definitely want to join us on Wednesday at 7:30pm est. on the Parents Coaching Parents Network

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    Identity theft

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    Revised April 2016
        Introduction 1.   contact credit bureau 2.  Monitor your credit report 3.  security freeze
    4.  child identity theft 5.  FTC identity theft affidavit  6.   Law Enforcement
    7. new credit accounts 8.  existing credit accounts
    9.  Debt Collectors 10. Check and banking fraud 11. ATM and Debit Cards
    12. Brokerage Accounts 13. Fraud involving US mail 14. Secret Service 15. SSN misuse
    16. IRS
    17.Passport 18. Phone Service
    19. Student Loans 20. DL number misuse 21. Identity theft involving those you know 22. Medical Identity theft 23. victim statements 24. false civil and criminal judgements 25. Legal help
    26. Keep good records 27. Dealing with emotional stress
    28. dont give up 29 resources

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    Final Episode: The Importance of Family

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    What are the attacks that are being waged on families? How can we protect our loved ones? Join host, Julie Hatch, and special guest, Jenn McMurdo as they share their personal stories of faith and courage in honoring their roles and what they have learned along the way.  Find out why they both closed the door to their businesses and what they plan to do next! 

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    Beyond Codependency

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    Do you know the actual definition of codependent? No? That’s okay, because no one does. It’s a term that was created by treatment professionals in the 80’s. In the early 80’s when treatment centers became overrun with people abusing and addicted to alcohol and drugs, clinicians attempted to lump them all together and find one label to cover the myriad of phases of addiction their clients were showing up in (read: diagnoses were becoming more and more difficult to make, and were often wrong). This led to a change in the terminology from “alcoholism” and “addicted” to “chemical dependency”. On tonight's podcast we'll discuss where the term "codependent" came from, and whether or not it actually applies to you.

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    Yadira en el Reino Feliz!!!

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    Bienvenidos a nuestro primer show ... Yadira en el Reino feliz!
    Hoy vamos a presentar los objetivos, las normas y los sueños.
    Nuestro tema principal: Transparencia, Honestidad desde una perspectiva de los padres
     Se discutirá el ying y el yang de la vida desde nuestra perspectiva
    ¡Un poco sobre mí!
    Yadira V. Calderón, oriunda de Puerto Rico, come, respira, sueña, desafia y acepta el autismo en los últimos cinco años. Ella es una guerrera dedicada directora de cortometrajes y autora del libro pronto será publicado Autismo: El reino feliz. Tiene una Maestria en Relaciones Internacionales y Diplomacia, habla tres idiomas y ha vivido en seis países, después de haber viajado a otro veintisiete. Sus amigos saben que ella es determinada, persistente, positiva, creativa, de mente abierta y realista, y cree que estos atributos y los descubiertos recientemente, la han preparado para convertirse en la madre de  Thomais, de ocho años de edad.
    Yadira ha trabajado como editora de Publicaciones para la industria de alimentos; Logística - Industria del Cemento; Profesora a tiempo parcial en China - Liaoning Normal Univ / MO State Univ .; y Asistente de Maestro en 3 escuelas medias - aulas de educacion especial. En la actualidad, ofrece apoyo a los adultos con necesidades especiales.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/autismhappykingdom/
    Yadira en el Reino feliz! se puede disfrutar en:   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/yadirareinofeliz
    Preguntas: Envíenos un correo electrónico: autismhappykingdom@gmail.com

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    Parent Unafraid - WWIII

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    Tune in at 10 tonight - or podcast it - or whatever. Tonight, Jay Davis breaks his silence and tells the tale of the most recent attack on his family by a former spouse who hears voices and sees things that aren't there, a guy who believes that fist fights with 11 year olds, calling 9 year olds "retards," and throwing televisions at 4 year olds is a reasonable thing to do, the ever-ridiculous LaVista Police and an army of CPS workers, who are all-to-willing to destroy ANY family, but who get exceptionally aroused by the thought of destroying Jay Davis. Tonight's show might be short, but it will be worth your 15 minutes. Stay Tuned

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    Parenting a Child with ADD, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance

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    Bonnie and Thomas Liotta are helping parents learn that their children need to earn things. They recognize that poor behavior is a cry out for help and they are helping parents change their approach, so they can bring out the Champion in their toddlers, children and teenagers. Did you know that you can be a parent and not experience a temper tantrum with your child, not ever?   Did you know that it is possible to raise children who act with self-control, responsibility & self-discipline?Did you know that there is a simple and effective way to lovingly guide children’s behavior, in advance, so you never have to experience poor behavior?Yes, the truth is there is a way. The Parent Helpers are traveling around the country, working with small and large companies, organizations, schools and churches. They are teaching any parent who is open to learn how to raise champions, including children with diagnosed behavior issues and learning disabilities.www.howtoparent-children.com www.creatingchampionsforlife.com

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    What do you see when you look in the mirror of your child(ren) face?

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    Remember when you were a child and your friends would say you look just like your mom or dad. Then in your teenage years you would say things like I am never going to treat my kids like my parents treat me. Then as a young adult you start to realize you act or behave just like you parents. The one day you wake up as an adult and realize you have become your parents and you are shocked !!! So the lessons you have learned growing up have now become a way of your life. Then you look in the mirror of your child's face and realize that you want to change somethings about you ! What are the questions that start to form in your mind as you look in the mirror of you child? How far from what you taught them have you grown or not? What things do you want to change from the inside out in order to help your children by first helping your self?

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    Advocating Vs. Suffocating: Helping Care Takers Take Care PART TWO

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    In PART TWO of this episode of Foundations, we will explore the difference between "Advocating" and "Suffocating" and learn additional tips on how to reduce stress and enjoy our time with our children or the children we are working with.