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    The Universal Language of Project Management - Session 1 - Multi-Media

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    The concepts of project management can be utilized universally across vertically integrated industries. Operations manager, Tanesha Bokally, will moderate a three session discussion that will explore best practices, team structures, and management tips.
    March Multi-Media (Session 1), April Construction (Session 2), and May Facilities (Session 3) with subject matter experts.  This conversation is in congruence with #bomaqtalk meetup. 
    Join today!  http://www.meetup.com/BOMAQ-Building-Owner-Manager-Administrator-Quality-SA/
    View Slide Presentation:  http://www.slideshare.net/Urbanetectonics/the-universal-language-of-project-management-session-1-multimedia

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    Take Me Out to the Ball Game, A Multicultural View from the RoughRiders

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    Join Host David Tyson as he visits with Bill Goren, CTO for the Frisco RoughRiders Baseball Club.  Special guest, Scott Burchett, COO of the Rough Riders will also join us.  Let's talk baseball, it's right arond the corner!

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    Christine Miles - How Does Senior Management Keep Employees Mindful of Major Goa...

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    Here’s a 1 minute preview of today’s featured Guest. Give it a listen and share it with your friends, and if you like the content be sure and listen to the full 20 minute interview!
    Bill: How can senior management keep employees focused on the strategic goals of the company? We asked expert Christine Miles.
    Christine: I think, sometimes the senior leadership is very clear, but they have a whole organization to move to those initiatives, and people have shifting priorities all day long. And so, how do they keep them on top of those initiatives while dealing with their fast paced world and and what they’re bombarded with? Does everybody understand why we’re doing this and what we’r [...]

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    The Power of Balance--Understanding Your Thought Filters

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    Yep, we do it. As soon as we see a picture, hear someone speak or even driving a car, our thought filters go into high alert allowing us to hear what we want to hear. We all come by it honestly but don't take the time to find the value in understanding why we not only filter our coffee but filter out thoughts.
    Join Certified Life and Executive Coach Beth Brownlee, Certified Executive and Fitness Coach Russ Tripp and Certified Executive Coach Debbie Fain Wednesday, August 23h (US), at 11:30 ET on The Power of Balance Radio when they discuss Understanding Your Thought Filters! Feel free to call into the show at (657) 383-0683 and join in the discussion or stream live via the internet. If you have any questions you would liked answered on air email us at info@trilogyperformanceworks.com. Blessings and they look forward to hearing from you!

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    Health is your 1st Wealth

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    - Health Is Your First Wealth
    - Taking Full Responsibility For Your Health As You Do With Nationality, Sovereignty, & Commerce  
      * Knowing Your Body & It's Purpose
      * Learn How Your Body Heals Itself
      * Being Able To Have Informed Conversations With Physicians When You Choose To See One
    - Managing Your Gifts/Resources

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    Interviewing a young girl about her dreams!

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    Interviewing Mariaelena who resides in the foothills of Sacarmento with her family.  She is 8 years old and my first guest ever!

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    Starter pack

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    we will be discussing the history of revenue and its influence on comminuties and our futures 

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    10 Commandments of an Effective Company Officer

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    Members of the IAFC/COS will discuss the 10 Commandments of an Effective Company Officer with author Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski.

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    Small Biz Talk Radio with guest Clyde Riddlesbrood

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    All too often, creatives (writers, artists, actors, singers, designers) go into their careers with the idea it's just them and nothing else.  But being a creative means you're running a business - you ARE your business.  Today, Clyde Riddlesbrood, the founder of the Riddlesbrood Touring Theater Company, joins us to talk about the pitfalls creatives run into when they forget they're running a business and some of the tips he's found essential as a creative-in-business.

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    Interview with Kirk Chisholm

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    Looking foward to interviewing Kirk Chisholm, a really smart, capable and friendly financial advisor located in the great state of Massachusetts. Kirk is a highly recognized expert in the financial advice business especially in the areas of alternative assets and their use in IRA accounts. I am going to talk to Kirk about two primary areas:
    In part one we will talk about the types of custodians and trustees can accommodate alternative assets especially the non-publicly traded securities. What criteria he uses in evaluating a custodian? Do the traditional bank and broker custodians accommodate this type of security willingly or begrudginly? What are the long term trends in the use of alternatives in the IRA world? What are some of Kirk's favorite categories of alternatives...no specific recommendations...general categories.
    In part two we will talk about some of the specific asset types within the alt world...how did Kirk clients fare during the 2008-09 meltdown? Did alt generally help or hurt investors in this meltdown? What is the weirdest alt asset he has seen over the years? What is the most interesting or exciting?