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This is a show encouraging, motivating and inspiring individuals to go forward with their dreams. Poetry, reading and music will be used to uplift others.

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Now that you are not going to let life suffocate you with empty ideas and false hopes, you have no choice but to dream big and dream expansively. Why not? Stop crying! Your hopes and dreams are in the hand of the Lord. God is waiting... more

Have you ever felt like giving up hope? Did you have a lot of trouble in your life, and so you just didn't want to go on? Have you been living in fear? Do you have nobody to communicate with? Do you feel lonely and isolated? Are you angry... more

Have you ever lost a close love one? Do you remember that feeling of doing without that person? Did you ever wonder what or who will subsititue for the lost of that person? Did you ever have that hopeless feeling? Did you ever... more

Are you out of work? Do you feel you need a job? Do you feel angry about the job you lost? Do you feel sad about the job you lost? Are you concern about other people who have no jobs also? Well, welcome to the club! There are a lot of... more

Has something happen in your life that caused you to be sad? Do you feel that you will never get out of sadness and depression? Does every thought you have towards life cause you to be depressed? Do you feel you have no one to turn... more

How do you use your talents? Do you feel that you have little to offer? Do you feel you are wasting your time? Are you looking for someone to get you out of the river of sadness? How strong is your prayer life? Is your prayer life filled with... more

Have you ever felt as if you were not effective? You try to get things done but something always gets in the way. Have you ever felt like your philosophy of life is failing you? Do you sometimes feel like your life is on the down swing? So, you... more

Have you ever wondered when God was going to heal you? Have you ever wondered when and how you could forgive another person? Have you ever thought that another person was the cause of your sickness and you haven't... more

Have you ever wondered, what is truth? Well, the answer to that question is in this program. You should have no doubt and no fear. You will understand and gain wisdom from your listening to show #14. You will be able to bring... more

So, are you still crying about the job you lost? You mightest well get over it! There are many people who lost jobs and wondered how they were going to survive. God's ways are higher than our ways. God has a plan already mapped... more