Plain Talk 2010

Plain Talk 2010

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This page is to promote a positive image of Jimi Hendrix and his contributions to all genres of music.

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The Jimi Hendrix Black Legacy Series is proud to showcase positive artists that uplift and empower people like the great Jimi Hendrix. With that being said, Brotha Trav, the Godbrotha of Spoken Word is one such artist. He will be talking about... more

Andre Lasalle of Premonition and Burnt Sugar returns to the show to talk about his latest endeavors. We will open the show with his project with Vernon Reid for the Power of Soul CD. This song was released on the special edition that was... more

Shock G and his crew will be at Sky City in Augusta GA on Friday Jan. 3rd. Sky City is located on 1157 Broad St. in Downtown Augusta. Stereotype and Joe Nice will be the opening acts. Doors open at 8 PM. Shock G was included in my... more

As the author of Nobody Cages Me, I dived into Jimi's connection with other genres outside of Rock. One of those genres was Hip-Hop. I showed how Jimi's seminal Hip-Hop song, Dorella Du Fointaine led to his embrace by the Hip-Hop... more

This episode of the JHBLS features another great NYC musical product, Andre Lassalle. Andre has a new group out called Premonition. They feature an eclectic mix of sounds that Jimi would be proud of. We will be featuring some of... more

We are delighted to have with us Charles Neal on the JHBLS. Charles is a master axman from NYC, but now resides in Hixon, British Columbia. Charles will be talking about his connection to Jimi Hendrix, and his forthcoming release... more

Our special guest for this episode is Dani Robinson, guitarist for Billy Cox's Band of Gypsys Experience. Dani is currently in Prague, Czech Republic, but he will be gearing up to hit the Experience Hendrix tour coming up in March. Originally... more

My next guest will be Byron Bordeaux. He is an accomplished musician who has played with many legends of the music industry. In 1997 Byron joined the legendary Buddy Miles best known as drummer for Jimi Hendrix and the band... more

This is the 3rd and final installment of the listening preview for Jupiter Cannons. Make sure you go back and catch part 2 and 1. Jupiter Cannons is a Jimi Hendrix tribute release that continues his work and studio techniques into the... more
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