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Pixels & Bits is a retro video gaming hosted by Superfriends founder Big D and Supergeek Ed Difolco where they discuss classic gaming, fun trips down memory lane, sprinkled with a little bit of contemporary gaming. Check out our site at http://www.superfriendsuniverse.com and if you have any questions, ideas, or comments, send them to superfriendsmailbox@gmail.com

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On the final Pixels & Bits of 2010, Ed and D review Super Mario RPG, a game that many gamers have very fond memories of from Super Nintendo. We'll talk about why the game was so unique, its pros, cons, and comparisons to its... more

It's The Pixels & Bits Christmas Special! Join Emperor Big D and Mr. Eddie as we talk our favorite Christmas-related video game memories such as what game systems we got as kids, situations with Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Lay-Away, Nintendo... more

Emperor Big D and Mr. Eddie are back to review the Legend of Zelda Animated Series, a proud part of the Super Mario Bros Super Show only on Friday. We'll talk about the pros and cons of the show, whether or not it was worthy of being... more

It's the 30th episode of Pixels & Bits at long last and Mr. Eddie and I revisit a CLASSIC - The Legend of Zelda, from Nintendo. We'll talk Zelda memories from the past and how the game has affected the rest of the world. Should be an... more

The Edmerican Elections are over and the political landscape has left behind a number of mutilated bodies from Mr. Eddie and Farack O'Sodom as they battled it out for the crown of Edmerica. But who won? Find out the results of the... more

Ed and D are back once again to talk about one of the classic titles (as usual), Ninja Gaiden from Nintendo! We talk about the ultimate rule - is everything cooler when you add ninjas? Damn right it is. Plus, what happens when you don't give... more

With the reboot of the franchise on the horizon, Pixels & Bits is here to hop into the time machine once again as the Emperor Big D and Mr. Eddie revisit the 1990s Midway classic: NBA Jam. Plus, your usual wackyness from Ed and... more

It's the 25th Episode Spectacular! Emperor Big D and Mr. Eddie are back once again to extend Pixels & Bits beyond just the video game realm into the realm of video game-based television and on this episode, we look at one of the most... more

The final installment of Halloween Month on Pixels & Bits is at last here as Mr. Eddie and the Emperor Big D tackle one of the most slept-on fighting games ever, but also one that perfectly fits the Halloween spirit - Darkstalkers! Support the... more
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