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Peter Brusso offers real world expertise on self defense, martial arts, the military and beyond. Join us for an eclectic mix of talk with Peter Brusso, his students, colleagues and special guests.

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It's no fun to be bullied - especially if you're a child. The sad case of Phoebe Prince - who committed suicide at the age of 15 - has captured the world's attention. Phoebe Prince had been mercilessly bullied & tormented by... more

More about being a real life Ninja. Peter Brusso goes over his Ninja training and talks about the future of the Ninja in America and the world.

Peter Brusso is a real Ninja. No, not that fake kind you see in movies, or in some TV shows. We'll talk Ninja martial arts, self defense, weapons and just how Peter Brusso decided to become a Ninja in the first place

There's a lot of fun out there when it comes to martial arts and the Japanese art of being a Ninja. On YouTube a guy has earned millions of loyal viewers by doing his comedy skit of Ask A Ninja all sorts of questions - from the mundane to the... more

Peter Brusso has been an internet marketer for over a decade. His marketing expertise and advice runs a range from advising winch makers how to better sell their device, to telling actors how to get more buzz in Hollywood. We'll talk... more

Pete Brusso loves music. In fact, he's composed many CD's. He loves creating music whenever he can. Join us as we play Peter's favorite tracks, discuss how he got started in crafting his sonic tapestry and what's his best advice... more

Peter and I discuss war movies in general like Saving Private Ryan, and focus in on 2010's Best Picture 'The Hurt Locker' by director Kathryn Bigelow. Though mostly praised, The Hurt Locker has gotten some criticism.

Do you invent stuff? Are you an inventor? Peter Brusso is an inventor, who holds seven patents on his inventions. Come join us as we talk about formative ideas, game plans, strategy and bringing it all together to take a dream and turn it into... more

The MCMAP is the hand to hand combat program taught to U.S. Marines. Peter Brusso is the only civilian instructor authorized to teach this to our soldiers. It's so popular, that even music superstar John Mayer has trained in the MCMAP.... more
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