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Patriot chat with like minded people who wish to make a difference. Lots to talk on today: Bad policies, and what to do about it. A country state of mind

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Join Bill and his crew today..lots to talk about. Calif Drought, ISIS on the border, Jade Helm, Wal Mart closings, TPP trade agreement, your calls and much more. Join us in the chat room and hope to see you all there!
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Join me today for all the news in CA, and the news of the government created water shortages! I have invited Ken from Vista to join me on air. He has been working on many articles regarding the water problems here in CA. Join us in... more

Join Bil and Linda (engineer) for your Tuesday Line-up of news, complaints, and the solutions we are working on. Cll in and join us in the chat room too!. 7 PM Eastern, hope to see you there!

Join me at 7 PM Eastern for a 90 minute show. Everything from the "water wars" in CA to the nonsense "boycotts" against Indiana, to the Illegal invasion promoted by Barry the rat in chief. Please join in the chat room, and call in to let... more

Join Bill today for the news of the day!..Lot's to talk about in Indiana, and of course, Commie-fornia. Call in, join in the chat room, and enjoy the show! New stuff on O-Vomit and Illegal Aliens coming into America. 7 PM Eastern..Hope to... more

Hi Patriots! Join me today for lots of in depth news on Indiana's freedom of religious conscience. CA's drought news, Agenda 21 for my area, Clinton scandals, and much more. I have invited Ken Happel, and my pastor, Father... more

Join Bill and his crew today. Linda is not available for the studio, so hopefully Yolla can help. Lots of news to cover. Indiana is making national news, with Pence's new religious freedom law. Call in folks, or join us in the chat room.... more

Join me today at 7 PM Eastern..for Scripture, news of the nation, and CA. Topics include the water "Crisis" in CA, Illegal immigration, and Agenda 21. With a special opening monologue you do not want to miss! Be there or be square!

Join Bill and the crew today! Immigration, O-Maggot's lawlessness, the decline of America..will be among the topics. We need a religious revival in America. We need to unite. We need God, His wisdom, and His understanding. Call in and let... more

Hey Patriots! Come and hear information on Agenda 21, and what is happening in CA. Also, I am addressing the La Raza issue, with regard to the schools, and towns being seeded with illegals, who have NO intention of assimilating into our... more

Join Bill and his crew today for news of the nation! Most of what is going on are keep you from finding the truth of the behind the scenes workings of the evil ones, who now control this country. Call in and weigh in too..Hope... more
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