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Pastor Dean

Midnight Miracle Hour! Pastor Dean LIVE!


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You just never know with Pastor Dean. That's what makes the show exciting! Hot Topics, Touchy Topics, Taboo Topics are all fair game on the Midnight Miracle Hour, LIVE with Pastor Dean! The Full Gospel is preached, and the Full Gospel always infuriates someone..... Miracles happen and the impossible turns possible. That makes certain people enraged....tune-in, and you'll see!

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Allow the Bible to fill you with the love of God tonight! Allow the Bible to do its job--create miracles out of mudhills. Tonight's broadcast absolutely burns the biscuits of those who deny the preaching of the FULL GOSPEL OF JESUS... more

Some people will NEVER be in line for a miracle from God. Are you one of them? There are Three Means of Healing by God. Pastor Dean will produce ABSOLUTE Biblical proof that you can be healed on this program this evening! Jesus said... more

Allow God to do HIS job! He wants to take care of you, make your life worry-free, lift every burden! There are conditions, and they are remarkably simple. Why not take advantage of God's graces!

How do we know for sure the Bible is true? Why did Jesus come to the earth? How can I be assured that this program is not a scam? Can I get a healing tonight? Will God heal my marriage? Will God heal my finances? Didn't healing... more

Pastor Dean hits the airwaves tonight at Midnight, with a new season of shows. He'll be inviting phone calls, and strongly recommends prayer requests. If you need healing, any kind of healing, God wants you... more

God has found incredible favor with this ministry! If you need prayer, by all means use your phone to contact us LIVE! Call 646-716-4490. TONIGHT! Mark 16:18 (NKJV) 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by... more

Listen to ths special edition of the Midnight Miracle Hour, and learn how to obtain the faith you need to do what you formerly thought was impossible. If you feel that your faith is lacking, or you would like to enjoy the faith you once had, allow this... more

Pastor Dean preaches the Full Gospel. He preaches it the way Jesus taught it! And He gets "Jesus-Like" results! That makes the BTR Pharisees very, very mad! Pastor Dean's obsession to reach the world with his healing message infuriates... more

Welcome to THE MIDNIGHT MIRACLE HOUR! You just never know with Pastor Dean! He's in love with Jesus, and his mission in life is to continue the Master's words, ways and wonders! Many feel Christianity is boring because they... more
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