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Vote the Democrats out in the Upcoming Mid-Term Elections and Replace Them With … The Republicans?

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Pascal's Gambit

Pascal's Gambit


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Another election cycle approaches and U.S. voters and taxpayers will have the opportunity to exhibit their impatience and disapproval by voting out or retaining the Democrats and their 2 trillion dollar spending spree ($787 billion was for bank bailout granted by Bush Administration). The Democrats in their year and a half of controlling both Houses and the Presidency have managed to increase the country’s debt by $3 trillion, bailed out the banking industry and Wall Street (although they were able to save Executives compensation bonus’), kept us in two wars that I still can’t figure out how they are being paid for, and started us down the road to more comprehensive socialized medicine. If history is any indicator, we will no doubt replace them with the Republicans, the same political group that took us from a fiscal surplus of $128 billion to over 2 trillion dollars worth of deficit spending while increasing the nations debt by over $4 trillion dollars all during the 8 years of the Bush term, set up the initial programs for the $787 billion bank bailout out and were also the ones who deregulated the mortgage and derivatives markets that led to the housing bubble and credit crisis which would result in a World Wide recession, were responsible for getting the U.S. into two unending wars which were paid for with borrowed money while becoming the first country in history to lower taxes in the midst of wars, and they did absolutely nothingof value to address rapidly increasing health care costs and the massive profits the industry was enjoying at the expense of the public.