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Paranormal Punchers

Paranormal Punchers


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Paranormal Punchers is a light-hearted podcast discussing anything paranormal. From Bigfoot to haunted locations, the hosts breakdown a paranormal story and give you their uneducated, but honest and spirited opinions.

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On this episode we discuss the Boleskine House. This manor sits on the south-east side of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands and was once owned by satanist, Aleister Crowley and legendary guitarist for Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page.... more

On this amazing episode we read paranormal stories submitted by the PPunchers Nation. Our kick-ass listeners from the US and even Sweden sent us stories for us to read and discuss. Stories about ghosts, shadow people and Bigfoot!... more

In Mexico's Zone of Silence, radio and TV signals don't work, compasses spin out of control, strange lights and aircraft have been reported, and meteors crash here all the time! Plus Aliens! So grab a cold one, sit back and join us we chat... more

Opened in 1827, the facility housed orphans, criminals, and lunatics and was closed in 1972. The Rolling Hills Asylum is located in East Bethany, New York near lake Ontario and lake Erie. It is now a paranormal investigation hot spot.... more

On this episode of "News. Weird News." we chat about the recently desclassified footage of U.S. Navy pilots encountering a UFO. As usual we go off the rails with our opinions and theories and have a blast discussing this topic. Join us!

We had the honor to sit down and talk with filmmaker Bill Lancaster about his movie, Cultured Bigfoot. Bill's movie focuses on the people who search for the elusive Bigfoot. So grab a cold one, sit back and enjoy this awesome interview.... more

Things get nutty on this episode as we talk about all the weird happenings on Chestnut Ridge in Pennsylvania. From a crashed alien ship shaped like an acorn to bigfoot knocking on people's doors, this place is strange! As usual the... more

On this episode of "News. Weird News." we talk about a spray a mom from North Carolina created that will attract any Bigfoot within a mile and a half. Sounds weird, right? Grab a cold one, sit back and get ready for this crazy episode.... more

On this episode we hang out with Patrick from the ThrowDown Thursday podcast and discuss the very strange and the extremely weird... the Voynich Manuscript. This book is written in a language no one knows with illustrations of plants and... more

A video uploaded to YouTube shows what appears to be a UFO over Yellowstone National Park. Some people think this means the super volcano is going to explode! Well, we have our own opinions about this. Join us! Apple Podcasts,... more