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Watheeqah al-Ikhwaan - Part 4

  • Broadcast in Islam
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Watheeqah al-Ikhwaan or The Brother’s Manifestois small but comprehensive book written during the middle part of his mission. It was written by Shehu (or Shaykh) ‘Uthman ibn Muhammad – also known as Uthman Dan Fodio, may Allah envelop him in His mercy Ameen! This book deals with several foundational subjects. For example, he begins the text by elaborating on the obligation of adhering the Qur’an, the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace and the ‘Ijma or consensus. He also elaborates on bid’ah or innovation and spends a good portion of the book warning against engaging in blameworthy innovations and avoiding those who do.

                The Shehu touches on the proper dress of women, the prohibition of unnecessarily mixing with them, the obligation to support and serve them and the obligation of making sure they are educated (as well as the entire family)!

                Other topics covered in the text are; characteristics of evil scholars, the obligation of avoiding them, characteristics of upright scholars and the obligation of seeking them out, the prohibition of practicing magic, istikhaara, the proper approach regarding dreams, and the use of medicine.

                The instructor or host in this series is Na’eem Abdullah – Imam of Nur uz-Zamaan Institute.