Treat the Cause


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Learn about the causes of disease and what you can do to treat yourself naturally from an expert Naturopathic Physician and Botanist.

On-Demand Episodes


Information to equip health care providers with the best way to use the Gowey Protocol Gel. Will also discuss clinical trials and research as it relates to the pitcher plants.

This call will discuss HPV and how to prevent abnormal pap smears, or how to treat them once you have them. Discussion will center around nutrition, mind-body connetion, herbs, and more.

Learn how to do some very simple home hydrotherapy, great for helping to boost the immune system.

Learn a great way to reduce inflammation cheaply but effectively! One of my favorite treatments.

Learn about how to identify food sensitivities, elimination diets, and why its important to NOT eat the foods your body has a reaction to.

Learn how Naturopathy can benefit you and your family, how principles of healing are applied to medicine.

Learn about steroid hormones, their role in your body and how the adrenals regulate many of everyday functions, from energy levels to your blood sugar. This presentation will help you understand how your hormones do more than just... more