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"The Nick Vatterott Show" The show where each week Nick Vatterott can't make it, and some "guest host" takes over the show.

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This week on the Nick Vatterott Show, Nick cannot make it, he's trying to find the person that stole his identity. So this week Marcus Monroe interviews Marcus Monroe. Or is it Marcus Monroe interviewing Marcus Monroe? Which one is the... more

Nick Vatterott can't make it this week, he's out learning how to podcast. So a mysterious man tries to record a podcast in a restaurant. But is he the last man on earth? Only most of the world knows!

This week Nick Vatterott can't make it, he's out having fun. So Bart tries to have fun with Mike Guild, Jake Hart, and James Creelman. The gang talks fun, dreams, dentists, the similarities between movie theme songs, plus a special... more

The year is 2024 and after a string of events that took place in 2014, comedians are no longer getting paid. Saul Barley interviews people who have championed not paying comedians including the producer of the show LaughZ, the head of... more

Nick is out watching football this week, so Hank Williams the 8th invited his Rowdy Friends Ethan White and Dan Enfield to talk Week 1, offensive mascots, odd rules in the NFL, how Teddy Roosevelt almost ended college football,... more

Nick Vatterott can't make it this week, he's coming up with some convention to be the format for the podcast. So running the show this week is Bob Bernice: COMEDY POLICE. Bob is a real piece of poop, that loves to judge other... more

Nick Vatterott ONCE AGAIN cant make it his week. It's almost like that's the whole point of the show! This week Barbara Koontz takes over the show. She's a mid-west soccer mom (her kids don't play soccer, she does) who knows... more

Nick Vatterott couldn't make it this week. We're not even sure why, he didn't even give an excuse this time. Sitting in today is washed up NPR Spokes-Human; Baul Balamoniatarian. Today he and comedians Drew Michael and Will Miles discuss... more

Nick Vatterott can't make it this week, he's at a wedding. So Bruce Barebutt, the ' Jack of all Trades that involve working out', is going to get to the bottom of weddings, talk about being raised in a dog crate vs fleeing Russia because of... more

Nick can't make this weeks episode of 'The Nick Vatterott Show' because he's at home waiting for Time Warner. So his old neighbor Burt Curt who normally doesn't do ANYTHING, takes time out of doing nothing to do the podcast. This... more