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Learning lessons from living and loving.

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the world is evolving very very rapidly. Science and technology are being used to advance the human race, so why is it that we still refer to the old ways of thinking when it comes to love and relationships. TuneIn as we talked aboutand much... more

So now you're ready to actually start dating. Youve prepared yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. So now that you've done that lets have a menage a trois! Huh? What? Confused, let me explain. You can only find the love of your... more

I think people are getting this thing "So Youre Ready to Date" Series wrong. Lets rewind and recap. Date Like You Shop Get Your Mind Right Love IS War The Games Men Play Beat Him at His Game Are You Being Played

Weve talked about the games men play and how to beat them at that game, but first you need to find out if your being played. Here are some indicators

So weve talked about the games men play, now I am going to show you how to win.

UNO, Monopoly, SORRY, are the games we enjoyed as a child but none of them prepared us for the "Dating Game". If you have been played, unlucky in love or just want to quit this episode is for you.

You often hear that all is fair in love and war? Why do people say that and is it true? If it is can you use war strategies to win at love? We will discuss this and much more...

We often hear people say " I gotta get my mind right", but what does that really mean. I believe its all about mental preparation and this is true when it comes to dating. Tune in....were going to show you how to get mental prepared to date.

Episode 1 :Dating is Like Grocery Shopping Come up w/ a List Needs vs. Wants Finalize the List Stick to the List

Why are some women more successful in love than others? What edge do they have that you dont? VALUE...ladies here on some tips on increasing your value in dating and love
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