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Musings with Pete Moss and The Honest Liberal. Sometimes with guests both famous and infamous.

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This guy Comey needs firing NOW...he is nothing but a smokescreen apologist for leftists starting with Hillary last year. If he isn't the head of the deep state, he knows him intimately. Jail time needs to happen and Jeff Sessions needs to roll heads starting with him. This promises to be one of the most nefarious and embarrassing situations since Watergate and much worse. The CIA could even be disbanded over this! It is definitely not your garden variety scandal and it just shows how out of control the Federal US government is. Draining the swamp just got easier. LOCK HER UP!!! Not to mention the fact that Trump is right again on terrorism and the left has no clue.
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Trump promised to cut the budgets of wasteful and needless government programs. Overregulation is rampant in today's America. It is so bad that any one of us can be a felon just walking down the street. We will go through a list of... more

After Trump alleges that Obama had bugged Trump Tower you could hear the squealing of the tires on the left-wing vehicles as they reversed and began to back up on the Russia Stole the Election story. They are now in a quandary as... more

There is certainly not much ?reporting? going on these days. Normally it would be a big story under a president who has been in office less than 2 months. Nothing to see here! Keep Moving! Then there is the hard reporting on the fact that... more

The daily barrage of fake news in the direction of Donald Trump is NOT WORKIMG in the way the media wants it to work. They are making more people like Trump. Their attacks are over the top and they just don't get that... more

Trump is not losing any support or any polls due to the ?protests? and media hounding of anyone appointed by our new president. Give up fools! They are crowing big time over the firing of Mike Flynn and their part in the dissemination... more

We had heard all along the Betsy Devos wouldn't be approved for Education Secretary and yet there she is at the cabinet table. Jeff Sessions was going to get frozen out and yet there he is at the cabinet table. We are starting to see the... more

Everything that Trump is doing is indicating that Donald Trump is going to do the things he promised he would do. He has already gotten the approval process on the pipeline started. He has already gotten his AG and the rest of the cabinet... more

What a great week it has been for our new president! He continues to blow away the asses in the media and let them know how he feels about them. The trio of losers that showed up at the women's march last weekend had NO effect... more

Obama and Biden announced that they will shepherd the upcoming generation of Democrats. They will be looking to bait Trump at every turn and trying to come out with an ?Alternative? view. They are trying to outflank him and talk directly... more

Wow folks I always knew that Trump's relationship with the media was contentious to say the least, but I didn't think that they would EVER go so far as to make up such blatant lies about him. Thankfully, he's got guts enough to... more