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Musings with Pete Moss and The Honest Liberal. Sometimes with guests both famous and infamous.

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Yes let's all shed a tear for one fricking lion in Zimbabwe where people are killed by lions all the time. I guess that's OK with liberal idiots though. Not to mention the poverty, inflation and fear of their own government that every Zimbabwean... more

?Lurch? Kerry continues to whine about the Iran deal in Congress, saying the Ayatollah won't trust us if we don't approve it. HUH? Trump is climbing in the polls each time the media demands he leave the race and he calls them... more

Obama and Kerry have saved the free world! They have given Iran everything it wanted in order to stave off war with them until they get out of office. Can you say Munich 1938, Neville Chamberlain? Of course, if World War III starts then we... more

Obama, the ATF and Rahm Emanuel are blaming guns for 38 murders and the Chicago Chief of Police says ALL gun owners are potential murderers. In San Francisco, their Chief of Police denies that sanctuary city status makes it more... more

The debate over the Stars & Bars steals all the headlines. Meanwhile Obama and the GOP sell our sovereignty down the river, the Supreme Court redefines what is ?is? and says words don't mean things just intentions are important.... more

We now officially have our first Marxist pope in the Vatican. We knew it would turn out this way as soon as an Argentine was named pope. Remember that Ché Guevara was Argentine too! However, he throws the American left a... more

Obama and the GOP have made strange bedfellows in the TPP and TPA negotiations in the U.S. Congress. We would love to talk about the details of the agreement. However, much like Obamacare, we have to pass it first before we... more

General Petraeus is now saying we are losing to ISIS due to Obama pulling out of Iraq too soon. DUH! It's interesting he says this after having been bounced out of the military. Of course, all the usual suspects will say it's a revenge statement.... more

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals slapped down Obama's illegal amnesty fiat this week maintaining the stay on applications. His reaction was to double the efforts and register MORE illegals. This is more evidence for naysayers who think him... more

Rest assured that our dear leader (Obama) will use this fracas in the Waco Twin Peaks parking lot as another example of why national police are needed. Never mind that it is illegal and unconstitutional. The socialist statists (liberals)... more