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Musings with Pete Moss and The Honest Liberal. Sometimes with guests both famous and infamous.

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There have been no protests, no marches, no speeches, no town halls, no visits to the View or Oprah since the school shooting last week in Santa Fe, TX. Why not? What is different from the shooting in Florida? The DOJ is despicable in... more

Trump continues to dismantle the web of executive orders that were the Obama ?legacy?. The guy had no support for much of his agenda even from people in his own party. His legacy was made of papier Mache. And like a piñata... more

Trump's approval numbers, both personal and job, continue to rise as the US economy comes roaring back. It is reminiscent of when Bill Clinton was impeached. There was no support by the people nor the Senate to remove him... more

Have you noticed that the ballyhoo in the left media over a ?trade war? between China and the US have died down since the beginning of April. This is partially due to Trump's ability to play with the media like a cat with a laser pointer.... more

I have never liked Starbucks because I find it unsettling to sit around drinking $6 cups of coffee while watching everyone sitting there writing their great American novel because they can't afford to have Wi-Fi/internet at their home or can't... more

We say goodbye to Paul Ryan this week as he ends an undistinguished career as Speaker of the House. It is hard to imagine a more ineffective use of the power of the speakership than the one which he has exhibited. He really hasn't done... more

A lot of folks are freaking out about the tariff wars with China and are predicting dire consequences of what is happening with them. The same usual suspects are moaning and wringing their hands about the actions of Scott Pruitt, current head... more

We come to you on the eve of Easter and wish everyone a happy and safe one. Today is Good Friday and we will be thinking of what Jesus suffered for our sake tonight. He did it all, so we get it all. Is Stormy Daniels a bust? No pun intended,... more

Is Trump going to lose all his supporters over the omnibus bill he just signed? A lot of people have been calling in to radio shows and saying they know all along and now they will never support him again and that he is just like any other... more

Hillary Clinton is trying to do an Obamaesque world tour telling everyone why they should hate Trump and why it wasn't her fault that the election didn't go her way. She is just as stupid and shrill as ever and since she has had no effect on... more