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Musings with Pete Moss and The Honest Liberal. Sometimes with guests both famous and infamous.

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Well it didn't take long for Trump to lose it over the so-called cheating of Ted Cruz. It was actually not anything that Cruz should apologize for but he did to be a bigger man. Trump immediately smelled blood and attacked. So basically, it's... more

Without Trump in the debate, there wasn't one. What you got was Kid's Table 2. Even if you support one of the other candidates it is difficult to say they did good when the Trumpster was absent. Of course, no one talked about him and... more

Well good old Bob Dole, the senator that never saw a tax hike he couldn't vote for, was dragged out of retirement this week. What was the big event for him to come out for? It was to let us know that Trump would be better than Cruz.... more

It is unbelievable that the Republican Party would have one of their own, Nikki Haley, come out in response to what their own potential presidential candidates are saying! What the hell is up with these morons? Are they out of their... more

So Obama cries over the ?gun crimes? in the country. He proposes measures that will only harass legal gun owners and individual citizens. Governments always go after the softest targets first…they're easier and they can crow... more

Paul Ryan surfaces as nothing but a RINO. I guess he figures that after he lost to Obama he needed to move to the left. Well he has! He basically during the debate in the middle of the night brought up a spending bill that gives... more

As we learn from a whistleblower that Obama stopped a probe that would have prevented San Bernardino the outrages continue it shows just what a rotten traitor this bonehead is! At the same time Trump suggest keeping out Moslems... more

It's official that this administration is full of idiots. We have a president that denies reality every day and while he is whining about global climate change. Meanwhile ISIS shoots up a Christmas party in San Bernardino and everyone is falling all... more

Obama really made a fool of himself this week! He could hardly wait for Monday to start making crude references to conservative, thinking Americans before minimizing the threat to letting unvetted refugees into the US the way they have... more

WOW! Seeing the morons protesting at the Mizzou campus this week and also the idiot talking to Neil Cavuto about the 1% ?hoarding? their money it is DEPRESSING! We are hoping that there are still hard working American kids... more