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Negative Feedback

Negative Feedback


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Does Comedy, laughter, and/or funniness constitute a positive force? [Too soon to tell.]

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"Lighten Up!" Campaign Manager Bill Meander-Ender reads a roll call of the Offensive Department Closet Members, makes some early appointments, and improvises from there. The jump-off point will be "mitigating just how dark thing have become in the world of the United Slakes." The aspiration for the meeting is to organize a campaign to deploy "Operation Canned Laughter." ME encourages that we follow to its end an actual strategy of the Five Eyes (I, I, I, I, I) international mass surveillance coalition— Deny. Degrade. Disrupt. Deceive. ...and of course, Distract (D, D, D, D, D). And that's the gag order. The Closet Members: Lighten Up Campaign Manager, William Meander-Ender Department of Offensive Deeds Secreteary Secreteary of Culture, Brandon Donkers Seats at the Table Commission Representative, Lola Palooza House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC!) Division Troika Head of Slapitalism's Invisible Army (Just the Frenulum) Branded Content ADvisor Al "Gadgetman" Madford Oriental Embarrasser Psychological Consultant from the Non-Sense Agency (No Such Agency) for Head Space and Leg Room Exploration Mid-East Despondant for the Perpetual War on Gooferism Whimsical Staff of Chief Splurgeon General Human Rights Chimney-/Carpet-Sweep Angel of History Gofer Terence (Prince David D Phillipstian) Cup Bearer Joe Lorenz (Cuz Nothin' Wakes You Up Like A Cup Borne with Joe Lorenz)
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Ryan hides in the curtains from a (possible) F-16 jet flyover in his Dublin apartment for unlikely reasons. Frank dies another death and wakes up in a play back at the Harwich Junior Theatre, Cape Cod. Tallis is chillin in Astoria and... more

Seshistadoor swings


Nathaniel and Ryan chat from Brooklyn and Stahnsdorf, respectively. The signal cut out, but their friendship lives on.

Ryan & Juju and David make a splash on the internet radio waves for old times' sake. The "No malicious splashing though please" ruling comes down—no doubt from someplace high up—by the Courtesy of the United Civilized... more

Can't stand the heat? Tired of pretending?

Joining us by way of the other line is none other than DJ, simply, "Natanyoson."