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Hi I’m BeLinda Pressley I know this is supposed to be a profile for you to get to know who I am. But I really think that by joining me on my show “NCTROL” pronounced (in control) although it stands for “Night Calls Talk Radio Live” you will find out so much more about me, then this profile will be able to say. So here I will give you the cliff notes. I am currently a Recruiter for a major Hospital, I have also recruited for a Major Retail chain so for more then 15years I have been speaking with and interviewing hundred’s of people every year. Although I enjoy my Recruiter role I have been blessed to have two careers. My passion is my love for Acting and my Voice Over Work which I have been very fortunate to be able to work in as well as my Recruiting. I grew up in a very loving and traditional military family that traveled a great deal. I have been blessed with truly the BEST set of parents any person placed on this earth could possibly have. I have been given the best of so much throughout my life, not in monetary gifts but with so much more like the Wisdom from listening to my elderly family members and elderly acquaintances. I have been taught about Pride, Self Confidence and Elegance by the master, My Mother. I have been counseled by a great leader about Friendship, Loyalty, Family and the ability to overcome Challenges and struggles. That Leader is my Father. I know the feelings of Pain, Love and Laughter as they have had the chance to enter my life at one time or another. With meeting so many people throughout my travels I have had many discussions with my colleagues, friends and family about why people do what they do? Or how come things are like they are? Or what in the world was he thinking when that happened? This is what has prompted me to put this talk show together. I am so sure that you have been wondering the same things and maybe just maybe together we will come up with some great answers and if not have a little fun talking

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Join my for this popular interesting and fun show on superstitions. What some folks really believe and a discussion on what tales do you believe in. This is a fun and very cool show. If you missed the Live version this is a good time to... more

Sorry we are not live tonight but please enjoy this great replay of our Embarrassing Trips and Falls and why we get a kick out of others mishaps! Get ready to laugh out loud!

Lets Talk Plastic Surgery! Did you get it ? How Much is to Much? I want to know what you think. Know anyone who got there boobs done! Of course you do no big deal right? How about a Nose job or Tummy tuck or how about the big surgerys... more

Join me as I celebrate one of my most favorite holidays! The 4th of July. We will have some great trivia questions on "How Much Do You Know About America", take a look at the top places to visit, eat, dream and yes fall in love right here in... more

I am just wondering what you all think about this on line dating game. Does it really work? Have you tried it or do you know someone who has had success or nightmares? Can you really get to know someone on line and if you are married... more

Ever meet someone who is so brand crazy? or has a favorite brand of something that they will never do without? Like Coke vs Pepsi or Miracle Whip vs Mayo. Hey are you a Kenneth Cole or Calvin Kline wearer. Gotta have the designer bag... more

Ever go to a party and find that the food look fabulous! Only to try a big old mouth full and realize an the most in opportune time that it is absolutely awful! Oh yes! No napkin around to spit it out in and just as you think you don't have to... more

Some say yes! Men really do fall in love faster then women. BUT....women fall harder. Join us let me know what you think.

Ever speak to someone and they say a particular thing that makes you laugh or it makes you say "What?" Ever hear anyone say a word that you know is not in the dictionary! What phases are unique to your area? This will be fun and funny,... more

With unemployment so high do you think there really are jobs out there that are either just for Men or Just for Women? Do you think a women can really do any job a Man can and vice versa. What about a woman's aggressiveness and a... more
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