Mightier Than A Sword wX John Green

Mightier Than A Sword w/ John Green


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Our purpose is to empower those in the Black community to think about our role and responsibility to ourselves, families, communities and future.

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Do Black males have an added concern of potentially being victimized by those who are charged with their public safety?

Group economics and group politics how do you understand these ideas and do others engage in these practices to further their interest in keeping their families stabled and neighborhoods safe?

If there were a police presence or military presence as some have even called for on every community block that is identified as a hot spot can this help?

Since blacks has helped to shape what this country is today do they not with clear conscience have every right and privilege to celebrate in its birth and independence irrespective the racial challenges they had to endure? Is it a... more

What do the middle-class deem important and why?

Today we are asking the questions does the rich worry and have similar concerns as you? Would you trade your problems and concerns for the concerns of the rich?

Is the role that fathers play in the lives of their children still seen as an important one? Is fatherhood still being celebrated or do we take the responsibility of fathers for granted?

Does everyone benefit when workers have more money? What will be the impact of a minimum wage hike on the African-American community?

What would reparations if received by Africans-Americans accomplish? In what ways would reparations impact the African-American community?

Are Black Americans holding on to racial grievances that are a thing of the past or are there real concerns? Is there anything that is owed to blacks, has America's debt been paid?