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Mightier Than A Sword w/ John Green


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Our purpose is to empower those in the Black community to think about our role and responsibility to ourselves, families, communities and future.

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What are your thoughts about damaging the reputation and lives of people by selling information like the Ray Rice video tape for a quick buck, would you do it? Is there an unhealthy balance in our desire to have money, power and... more

When trying to understand the victim of domestic violence, and it is asked why does she keep going back is this blaming the victim for the physical abuse? When men are confronted physically by their female partner is this seen a domestic... more

Female ministers find obstacles on path to pulpit: Can our religious institutions benefit from having a woman's perspective in pastoral leadership, do women lead differently from men? In your estimation do you find individuals who use religious... more

Today we will raise questions surrounding the shooting death of Michael Brown, another case of police brutality or the nature of law enforcement: Why do you think many African-Americans are more likely to perceive this incident as police... more

A year ago we spoke with a few high school students and ask them about their thoughts about dress and image. How Black youths are perceived by others within the community and outside. A year after Trayvon Martin the nation is... more

It was initially believed that an Australian couple abandoned their surrogate son who was born with Down syndrome, while taking custody of their perfectly healthy daughter. It turns out this was not the complete story, although the couple did... more

According to the pew research center 86% of Blacks were dissatisfied with the Zimmerman aquittal and 5% were satisfied. Former NYPD Captain: Eric Garner 'Would Not Be Dead If He Had Not Resisted' How do you perceive these... more

Do Black males have an added concern of potentially being victimized by those who are charged with their public safety?

Group economics and group politics how do you understand these ideas and do others engage in these practices to further their interest in keeping their families stabled and neighborhoods safe?

If there were a police presence or military presence as some have even called for on every community block that is identified as a hot spot can this help?