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Come all ye Asiatic of America and hear the truth about your nationality and birthrights, because you are not negroes. Learn of your forefathers ancient and divine Creed. That you will learn to love instead of hate.

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What's going on!?

  • by Snow-Bey
Islam Moors! We rise giving all praise to Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. We give honors to the last Prophet in these days, Noble Drew Ali. We give honors to the forerunner of the Prophet, Bro. Marcus Garvey. We give honor to all things... more

What is our religion? Islamism

  • by Snow-Bey
Islam Moors! For the next few weeks or so, we will be discussing our religion, Islamism. We are going to discuss as much as possible and try to cover all aspects needed. There are many misconceptions about Islam in general, and... more