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If you like fun times, real talk and a show full of laughter with great music, this is the show to see. Chilling with MOMO B!

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Everybody has a reason why absent fathers are needed in their childrens lives. Personally, I think both parties who help create a life are needed FULLTIME to bring up that life BUT let's see what everybody else thinks. Also, when the... more

The title of tonights show "Can someone have morals but still defend an act which lacks morals" steps from our conversation on the TJRS network where 1 of our collegues stated they don't believe in hitting a woman but view it OK for a man... more

What one said and what one meant are usually 2 different things. Should one be suspended for their on opionons that are said on a talk show that is well known to debate issues in front stream media??????????? CRAZY it may appear but real... more

If we marry someone, should we accepting them for how they are TODAY. YESSSSS. We should. However, should accepting someone today be the same as Accepting Them for Who They May be Tomorrow!... more

The Central Park 5 gets their settlememt $40 million! Yes, yall remember the 5 young boys who went to jail for the 1989 beating and rape of the central park jogger. Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise and... more

On tonights episode of The Xplosion Featuring The Evolutionary MOMO B we will be discussing dating your ex. Is that a good thing or just plain stupid? Some people kick the saying "Your Ex is your Ex for a reason!" Are they really on to... more

Call into the Xplosion Featuring the Evolutionary MOMO B, if you want to talk about the current events thats on your mind. Lets Gooo 917-889-7866. Its All about what the People Want To Chat... more

Come join The Xplosion tonight at 10:00 pm eastern. We are speaking about Maya Angelou. Her knowledge, her success, her grace, the comfort she spilled out to others, her EVERYTHING. You just have to love her no matter where... more