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Love and all it entails. The good, the bad and the ugly. Let's swap relationship tales, maybe we could all learn a thing or two.

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So tonight we'll be discussing on ONLINE DATING IN THE NIGERIAN COMMUNITY. Does it work? Are folks "internet shy" when it comes to the New Age Dating procedures popularized by the likes of '', 'Eharmory' and... more

Reality Check Folks!!! So y'all have been married for a while now and you notice these changes in your Spouse, you've spoken to them about how you feel yet no changes. How do you go about encouraging them to go back to their initial... more

Well Happy New Year Folks!!!! We're back! New Show Day/Time, make sure to join us on Tuesdays now @ 8pm Central Time! To the topic at hand, so.... You've been married for a few years while working on your spouse's paperwork to join... more

How many folks are stuck on this wheel?? You love your spouse, every other thing is beautiful in your marriage but the sex sucks?? This is the dilemma of some folks, not knowing the best way to communicate the lack of good sex... more

Back in days in college, we called it "Unholy Matrimony" It was beautiful to lay next to your girlfriend or boyfriend, talking into the wee hours of the night or morning, however you want to say it! Now y'all are grown, planning towards... more

Igbo and Yoruba? Indian & Nigerian? We we see a spate of these differences in relationships and marriages nowadays. A wonderful contributor and listener suggested we talk about this topic and I find it very interesting that we have this... more

As una know say for Naija, na the man dey pay the bills. So now as una dey obodo oyinbo. Rent, Mortgage, Phone, Insurance, Bills, Bills Bills!!!! How do y'all take care of these as a couple??? The Man or Woman? Do y'all spilt the bills... more

As this generation becomes more exposed to other cultures and ways of life, I am curious as to your take on this age old tradition of Bride Price/Dowry collection. Are you a Traditional or Contemporary Bride or Groom? How much of a... more

When I was 10 years old, my mum told me if I ever got locked up in a room with a guy, I'll leave that room pregnant!! Huh??? That scared and scarred me for a long HAWT minute!! Now you're a parent, how do you handle the topic of "Birds &... more

Lmao.... As Nigerians, you get to a certain age and time in life when folks around you either ask you upfront "When are the wedding bells ringing?" Or say stylishly, "We are praying for you oooh!!! Your bone of bone and flesh of flesh will locate... more