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Mike and Them is a weekly audio podcast for grown folks discussing topics that grown folks want to discuss but are too embarrassed! Think of us the hood Dear Abbey with a dash of Oprah! Grab a seat and give us a call!

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Work and play in the same place. Can you remain professional? Does it cause unnecessary drama?

Are women truly offended when they find out that a supposed platonic relationship turns out to be a thinly veiled attempt to get some? Is it disrespectful to desire a woman for more than just her mind? In today's culture women are objectified, of... more

Ugh...Why is it so hard just to find a good person these days. You know; the one who embodies all the qualities and attributes that you require? Wouldn't it be simpler to just find a few people who contain a couple of these traits and accept... more

So here's the question: why do women keep men around - men they know who are dastardly, nefarious and punch puppies - just because the sex is good? The fairer sex seems decry the objectification of women but in reality are guilty of the... more

We deviated from the script a li'l bit this week and decided to talk about a pressing matter that is affecting everyone in America - illegal immigration. What do you think about Arizona; California's response and what the President of... more

Your crew is at it again. Fresh off the heels of last week's show about cheating, Mike and the guys finish discussing lists and dating. But to keep things interesting, they have decided to list the traits that the opposite sex should look for in a... more

Facebook. MySpace. Friendster. Social Networking Sites - we all use them. It's the new way to interact with the person next to you, and they're either the future of modern dating or the bane of every solid relationship today. T, Sho, and... more

We ran a little longer this week, so prepare yourselves for the knockdown drag-out discussion about settling down! When does changing your perspective about what you're looking for in a mate mean that you're maturing or... more

Are friends of the opposite sex okay to have when you're in a relationship? If so, how many? Can men and women be friends and not a deterrent in an otherwise healthy relationship? Will T ever make it past the two week mark in a... more
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