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In this episode I will talk about how our resurrection of belivers is a physical resurrection, in the same way that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. This is not just a spiritual resurrection, but a physical one. I will talk about original sin, and... more

In this episode I will discuss how the poor are close to God's heart. I will read from Psalm 41 and Matthew 5 from the New Revised Standard Version of the bible. I will try to explain the difference between being "Poor in Spirit" and being... more

In this episode, I will do my best to explain how the book of Jude warns against pride and the congragational dangers of living in sin. I will show how God judged those in Moses camp, who chose to sin against God, and how their continual... more

We all have times when our flesh is weak, or another way to say it is that we all feel helpless at times. It may be that we are very strong people, and when the temptation appears to be really good for us, we buckle because we might have... more

In this episode I will try my best toexplain the story of the sinful woman forgiven by Jesus in the Bible. We find all kinds of stories in the Bible and in some cases these stories explain the teachings of true Christianity. The story of the sinful... more

In this episode I want to talk about why the bible says the gospel is hidden, and what that means? I will read from two chapters in the bible, and discuss the meaning of these texts. I will discuss the importance of not loosing hope, and... more

In this episode, I will read portions of scripture from the book of Romans 5 & James 1. The theme is on perserverance and temptation. I will also talk a bit about trials, and try to explain why God allows us a Christians to suffer... more

In this episode I will take truths from the book of Ephesians to celebrate being born again. I am not going to get into a doctrinal discussion of what it means to be born again, but I will talk about the benefits of being saved. I am not going into... more

In this episode, I will attempt to explain how Christ's death covers our sins. I will try to explain the nature of His sacrifice and how it is impossible for Christ to die again. Also I will try to explain that as Christians, we have access to forgiveness... more

This topic is debated among sincere Christians, do works actually save us? Martin Luther was sure that faith alone was enough for salvation, but my question is why are their belivers and unbelivers who are confused about the way of salvation?... more