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In this episode I would like to talk about Universalism and why so many theistic religions like Judaism and Christianity are under attach right now. I want to discuss theology and what makes a church a church, and I will use the doctrinal... more

In this episode I want to counter attack the claims that salvation is for everyone. I do believe in a personal God, but only those who have repented will be justified or saved. I do believe that salvation is offered to all, but I don't want to say that it... more

In this episode I will discuss the true nature of salvation and what it means to be born again. I will discuss how an understanding of doctrine is not in it's self sufficient to save someone's soul. I will discuss how to be born again, and how... more

In this episode I would like to discuss formalized religion and what it means to have a true relationship with God. I will discuss ways that people make excuses for their sin, and the corruption that can and does exist in our human hearts.... more

God gives grace to the humble but resists the proud. Is it surprising to you that in religious organizations there are people in leadership, who shouldn't be there? There is no excuse for religious hypocracy behind any pulpit and to question... more

In this episode I will discuss, what appears to be a decline in western moral values. I will discuss the current culture and sub culture and where I think young people are heading right now in our world. I will discuss the difference of... more

I will discuss from the bible the doctrine of imputed righteousness out of several verses, specifically Romans 4. How we are made rn God's sight while we are yet sinners. Not a light topic. But one that needs to be adressed.

Bible exposition of 1 John. Try to go verse by verse. As the spirit leads, there are some common sense themes and deeper truths.

In this bible study I will discuss the book of Ephesians in the new testement and what it means to be saved by Grace alone through faith. I will try not to over simplify the bible message on salvation, and try to present what the bible... more

I recently saw the movie the Son of God, although I was touched by the emotionalism that portrayed Christ's passion that is all it was. Emotionalism. I am not against the bible or christianity for that matter, I love getting my God fix... more