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In this episode I will discuss in good faith the biblical meaning of the second and third chapters of the Holy Bible. I will discuss what God's judgement looks like on a personal level, and why we can say that God has a right to judge... more

I will use this time to preach from the book of Galatians. In this fifteen minute show I will discuss the liberty we have in Christ and how we discern truth from error. I will use Paul's letter to the Galtians to show that there is only one... more

In this episode I will read from the book of Ephesians and will describe how we are saved to glorify God through life or death. I will not go into too much detail about the salvation method found in this book, but will describe how this... more

In this episode I will read from the book of Matthew and talk about one of Jesus' most famous sermon. I am not a preacher so bear with me. I will discuss how an ancient teaching still has relevance in our world and what we can get or how we... more

In this episode I want to discuss the doctrine of forgiveness found in a book written by James Freeman Clarke, and I will read from this book throughout this podcast.

In this episode, I will discuss biblical truths related to science and phycology. I will discuss how the Holy Spirit can live in a body of someone who is mentally impared and how God himself can help those with brain diseases and mental... more

In this episode I will talk about the Christian doctrine of being born again. I will discuss the book of Romans the 10th chapter, and how this chapter can be applied in a way that brings confusion, not conviction. I will talk about the... more

In this episode I will discuss the book of Ephesians and try to stay in the first chapter. If time permits, I will touch on the other chapters, but I just really want to be biblical today and focus on a cold reading and a commentary as well. I will... more

In this episode I will try to recapture some thoughts that have been going through my mind recently, and with God's help give a commentary on the book of Galatians. I will discuss my somewhat recent mindset in regards to the news,... more

In this episode I will read from 1 Peter, a great book which builds up our faith. I will comment on how there is a great need to be biblical in the days we are living in and how our faith rests in the teaching of the word of God. I will try to... more