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Those so-called believers and church people who are into cults of personality and who offend easily and people who are in abject denial, you are not ready for this blog and I would strongly encourage you to exit out of this page, forget you ever saw it; fast, pray, turn off your hella-vision, get into the reading and studying of YAH’s Word. Until and unless you do, you will be lost because you are being set-up and indoctrinated to receive the New Age Messiah as your savior and you don’t even know it! This blog is not for church followers, recreational and inconsistent “Christians” or even Hebrew/Israelites who go to service merely to see and be seen. This is for Believers who are hungry to know Messiah and who long to separate from the world’s system so that they can shine a light in dark places and lift up YAHUSHA as Messiah. If you are still courting the world and seeking a spiritual experience and not YAHUSHA as Savior and Sovereign, The Only Way, Truth and the Life, then this podcast is not for you.

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Everyday the senses of the masses are being incessantly assaulted by sex, the normalization of sexual perversion and sexual deviance all of which are described in Scripture as abominations. There is a war going on for possession of... more

Furthering our discussion on how the Illuminati and NWO at large is influencing and has been influencing the Christian church. Information about what genuine Christians are required to do in this very hour as the final generation on earth.... more

Mocha Brown aka The Lady from Zion and The Berean Swordsman are back again to discuss the difference between satanic, luciferian and gnostic doctrines. The connection between The Illuminati, the Catholic church and the... more

Secret societies, the illuminati, mass media deception, the failing economy, celebrity satanists, etc. The Bible describes the final days of mankind to be an actual battle between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan for... more

Mocha Brown aka The Lady from Zion and The Berean Swordsman will be discussing the harm of keeping secrets, the difference between being secretive and being private as well as secrets in the church and why the church needs to... more

Mocha Brown aka Lady from Zion and The Berean Swordsman discuss current events of the week! We'll also have up for discussion the female image in modern media and if over sexualized images are helpful or degrading to the overall... more

With the recent deaths of Derrion Albert, Shaniya Davis and Jashon Williams this show will be dedicated to seemingly incessant violence that is taking place in the black community regarding our children. Come join the discussion as... more

This episode of What's On Mocha's Mind will focus on how to defeat the biggest demon of all FEAR and why it is so important to be free of fear so that you can live life to the absolute fullest!

A couple of weeks ago Tyler Perry was interviewed by 60 minutes and at the end of the interview the reporter addressed Spike Lee's negative comments about Mr. Perry's work? What do you think? Was Spike's comments justified or is he drunk... more

This show will examine the much maligned phenomenon of the "Mega" church. The pros and cons as well as the presentation of facts and dispelling fallacies surrounding this very controversial topic.
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