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Supporting independents since 2011!!! MHH Productions is a Terre Haute, IN based promotion and booking company. We are working to bring an original music scene back with local, regional and national touring artists. We will put on shows if YOU will come. PLEASE SUPPORT ORIGINAL MUSIC!!! MHH is: Aaron Pup Syester - Booking, promoting and planning Shad Vanatti - Booking, promoting and planning Bobby Smith - Graphic design, promoting and planning Jason Renn - PR, words, promoting and planning and our wives/significant others for helping, supporting and putting up with us. We are the music of today. We are idependent of the mainstream. Join the revolution. SUPPORT ORIGINAL MUSIC! - Shad Bands that we have had the pleasure of booking: Owen Mays, Stevie Tombstone, Dog Bite Harris, Joe Buck Yourself, Pale Horse, The HANIS Project, Crow Cannons, Threat Level, The Weaker Sister, Bobby Smith, Devils of Belgrade, Butcher's Holler, The Rocketbillys, J Allen Spence & The Double A Daddies, Austin Lucas, Phoenix on the Fault Line, Graham Lindsey, Ugly Valley Boys, Lee Banes III & the Glory Fires, Whiskey Dick, $1000 Merle & The Downtown Situation, James Hunnicutt, Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band, The Elixirs, Filthy Still, The Goddamn Gallows, Moonshine Junction and many more to come.

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We will catch up with Stevie and see what news and suprises he has for us before his return to Terre Haute.

Liz Sloan was born in Abilene, TX and grew up in a small west Texas town called Breckenridge. When she was three years old her mother entered her into violin training. Her first violin was a Cracker Jack Box with a ruler taped to it. She was... more

Trent Lee, Raymond Lee and Logan from Against the Clocks will join us on the show Sunday to talk about their upcoming show at Verve on Feb. 21st.

With over ten years of touring internationally and 1500+ shows, the Detroit based Koffin Kats new home is on the road. This trio kicked it off in June of 2003 with the mission to not stop for anything. Vic Victor (Lead Vocal, Upright Bass)... more

With his new cd "Stay Reckless" released, Austin Lucas is returning to Terre Haute for the MHH Productions 2nd Anniversary Party. Tune in and hear what we have in store.

With a new cd release, "Elkhart County Jail", we will check in with Toeknee Tea and find out about the album and what is coming up for him.

To celebrate our 2 year anniversary, we are turning things around on you a bit. Today on MHH Radio, James Hunnicutt and maybe some special guests, will be interviewing Jason and Pup from MHH Productions. This is going to be alot of... more

Having served their time in various other bands (Pristine, Willis, Subaudible, Postal) the boys in THP came together to fuse their musical influences into a syncretic blend of rock, metal, punk, funk, and rockabilly. Known for their... more

Tomorrow, our brother St. Christopher is back to check in from his current tour. And with it being just a few days before he returns for another MHH show, we will see what he has in store for us.

Lou Shields is an Artist, Musician, Teacher and Skateboarder who has been living and working in the Chicago area his entire life. He travels extensively, exploring America in it's urban and rural character and draws on these life experiences... more
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