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"Can Social Media Ruin Your Relationship(s)"

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Facebook DOES NOT destroy relationships. Let me tell you something. Facebook is nothing but a social networking site that YOU control! YOU decide the half naked women/men you add. YOU decide who you reply to and send messages to. It's YOU who clicks add or confirm others . YOU destroy YOUR own relationship. STOP blaming strangers for the things you do to those YOU DO know. Take responsibility for the things YOU do in YOUR relationship!

You hear folks say , " my man is on there to dayumm much looking at other females"

"She have alot of guys on her page commenting her pics to the fullest and some of the shit i don't like on my girl's page"

"This guy inbox me could we exchange numbers but when i looked at his profile he's MARRIED"

Interesting that for each key stroke somebody fingers are pressing the keys so that means a person is behind the other side of the pc responding or replying!

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