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Halloween is here! Ghosts, ghosts and more ghosts!

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Tessa Gillespie

Tessa Gillespie


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October 23, 2012 at 11am PST

Guest call in phone number: 714-510-3725

Halloween is Here!  Were talking about ghosts!

A ghost is a paranoral entity that is said to be the soul or spirit of a deceased person.  There are many beliefs surrounding ghosts, but they are generally suppose to leave this world when they die, but there are many reasons why they are still hanging around. They can manifest their presence through any of your sences.  They can be seen, felt, heard or smelled.

Ghosts are rarely violent and having one in your home should not be a big concern.  In fact many people co-exist under one roof with ghosts. 

There are many types of ghosts.  In this show we will discuss all the different types of ghosts.  Ghosts are everywhere and from time to time they do appear to us here on this physical plane.  Ghosts can easily be summoned to us using ouija boards, seances, mediums and accidentally summoned by excessively using drugs and alcohol.  Children and animals tend to see and feel ghosts easily, their intellect doesn't get in the way, telling them it's not possible.  If you dog barks or your cat hisses at nothing, or your children talk to nothing, chances are you have a ghost hanging around. 

We will discuss how to get rid of ghosts.  Many of these ways are based on tradition or religion from certain cultures.  Some other non-traditional ways work just as well.  We will be covering all of them. 

Please join me on Tuesday October 23rd and lets talk about Ghosts!