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 Welcome to ONE FULL HOUR of MAYHEM NEWS LIVE!!!! We are bringing you the news you need and rewriting the book on MAYHEM!! Topics WWE: Cena and Ryback have a stand off at the end of Raw..seems this may be a true Triple Threat after all..not Ryback/Cena Punk whipping.  This Cena/AJ/Vickie thing is interesting..but for those that watch IMPACTWRESTLING..we have seen it before.  It will be interesting to see how WWE spices it up. Here is a thought..what if the person AJ is in the Hotel room with is...Ziggler?  I'm sorry but they need to re-work Wade Barrett..to me he is just a cheap rip off of William Regal.  Hey WWE there is only one Regal!!  Should Vince have given the Ref Maddox a chance for a contract..well I guess he didn't cause he is facing Ryback.  Will Punk interfere and allow him to get a contract?  Ok When will Ziggler cash in his MITB case.  Do you believe Sheamus and Show had a "real" brawl in a pub?  If you do I got some ocean front property to sell you.  What is next for the Miz and Kofi?  How many times are we going to see them fight for the IC title?  PTP's vs Rey/Sin Cara...AGAIN on SD!!!  Come on WWE..break out the Cruiser Weight Title?  Can Show be beat..wait do I sense the WORLD STRONGEST MAN!!! I am calling it..you heard it here first. IMPACT WRESTLING:  Once again we are forced to suffer through another week of the Ace's and 8's..HEY DIXIE/HOGAN..NEXUS nearly killed RAW's ratings.  Joey Ryan sucks..just saying!!  Rooster questions..Chris Sabin, Ric Flair are still listed on the rosster..but word is they are no longer with TNA..what is up with that.  Ok Dixie or Hogan  and creative for TNA..there is a reason WWE doesn't use small hammers as weapons.  They LOOK FAKE and would break bones if not used carefully.  Sting must trust Luke Gallows to allow him to use a real one. NASCAR / Gaming report.