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A prayer program supernaturally stirring the atmosphere in and around your life, your family's lives, your work place and the global community for the GLORY of CHRIST JESUS THE KING. Let's begin our day before HIS THRONE. HIS ear and heart is turned towards us. So join us at 6:00 AM LIVE Monday - Friday. You may also have any segment streamed to you on demand @ www.blogtalkradio.com/maximum-radio.

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"This is the day the LORD hath made and we are rejoycing in it." We can Depend on the LORD for protection, guidance and pardon. So today, we once again declare our total dependence on the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Join us for live... more

This is war

There are going to be times when even after the best of our ability, we will not know exactly what God's will is regarding our issue. When this is the case, we can pray in agreement with what we know GOD'S character to be and we can pray... more

Jesua said, "Men ought always to pray." When I heard that for the first time, the only imagery I saw in my mind was that of a monk or nun living in a monastery. I though that in normal life, prayer was when you need an escape hatch when... more

Some spiritual battles are long - way longer than we ever anticipated when we first entered into it. The battle may be long enough such that we question if we are on the right tract. Does it match up with GOD'S heart? Will we ever see... more

Whatever you declare has tremendous power. Whatever you say will produce results in your life--- real results like food that goes from your mouth to your stmach to be digested and obsorb for the good of all your body systems. Your... more

One does not have to walk withn the LORD long before one learns that HE is a GOD of economy and HE often masterminds blessings and answers to prayer in a way that affects multiple people and situations at the same time. In fact, this is... more

Yom Kippur began after sundown and ends at sundown today. So what is Yom Kippur? It is a Biblical command given to GOD'S people to humble themselves at this time through fasting and rest. The humbling acts involve fasting and... more

Walking around screeming at the devil "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" does not impress the demonic world in the least. But true spiritual authority dispatches, binds the works of of satan and demonds. Jesus on earth while being GOD... more

Prayer is intended for all people because all people need GOD and what HE has to offer that only prayer can bring. As people everywhere are called upon to pray, they need to pray for others everywhere. There is a promise for all who call... more
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