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SPLIT INTENTIONS - If you chase TWO RABBITS, both will escape - The Power of Focus

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Question? Are you frustrated, confused, angry, or dissatisfied with your current economical, physical or spiritual state? Are you at a job or in a relationship that you dislike? Are you suffering from poor health, too many bills and not enough money? WELL, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO TODAY'S SHOW. Today, we are going to reveal, explain, illuminate and simplify.......SPLIT INTENTIONS. Split Intentions is basically having two or more desires at the same time. Spit Intentions is when you wear multiple hats AT THE SAME TIME. FOR EXAMPLE; lets say you are a WOMEN and you someone's daughter, sister, mother, friend, business owner, employee, and church member. THAT'S A LOT OF DIFFERENT HATS, TITLES, JOBS, DESIRES AND INTENTIONS. Which one do you INTEND TO PERFECT! WHICH ONE IS YOUR PASSION? WHICH ONE IS YOUR PURPOSE? Split intentions is when your actions are diffused and your focus in scattered. Split intentions is when you are confused or distracted from achieving your PRIMARY intention. If you go to a job you HATE, you are walking, talking, living, breathing split intentions every day!!! Tune in to find out how to crystallize your intentions with THE POWER OF FOCUS. 1-800-558-0486 www.masterteacher33.com. WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY, MASTERTEACHER33 WILL APPEAR!