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Got people problems? Marie Dubuque can help! This is one radio host who actually listens! The show deals with how to conquer difficult social situations and life's perplexing dilemmas! Email your questions to Marie at a2dvoices@gmail.com

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I personally think there is no such thing as a rebound romance, and it is just an excuse. We'll talk about it! Also, do otherwise smart women ever stop being attracted to bad boy types?

A listener wanted to know why she keeps meeting guys who only date her for her looks and then lose interest. Are people becoming more and more selfish and superficial?

Did you ever wonder how to muster up the courage to talk to someone you are attracted to, but can't think of what to say? We will come up with some strategies. Also, how to get a friend or an acquaintance to open up to you about their... more

Say you asked someone out, and they said no, how do you get back to the place you were before this happened? We'll talk about how to restore the friendship. Also, should you pressure your man to marry you? Whether you are feeling your... more

We're talking about a man who is afraid to get back into dating in his 40's. And should he try to find his Ms. Right online? Also, a young woman is worried about dating someone her own age because she thinks he will leave her for a... more

Have you ever thought someone was extremely self-absorbed and snobby, only to find out they were just shy? We'll talk about it. Also, what to do if you are worried about how people will perceive you at the gym.

What do you do if you love someone but are not "in love" with him/her? Is it reason enough to break up? And what does being "in love" really mean? Lots to talk about today!

Getting back together with an ex is always a tricky question. We'll discuss why you should or shouldn't. Also, I have some office politics questions and we'll talk about ways to deal with back-handed compliments.

We ar talking about how to handle a drunk dialing situation or when you have simply said the wrong thing on someone's voice mail or in a text!

It's like they continue to take advantage. And these people are usually the ones who not only don't return things...or money, they seem not to care. How to say no, and mean it. Ways not to become a doormat!