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Hello! I am Marcy Ann and I have been doing weddings at the beach for since 1994. I am an untraditionally-ordained minister who has found the unified field between science and religion. I have written a book about what I have observed over the years about love and marriage and weddings and you can download it at On my show, I will be asking and answering that big question WHY? that I have been asking my whole life! Some of the answers will amuse you and some will challenge you and some will just be My Truth with a capital T. I welcome the opportunity to dialogue with you.

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Tonight I am sharing some of my own personal divine path and I will be providing your with a program you can choose to do to help you find your own pesonal divine path, because Mr. Right -- or Ms. Right - is waiting for you on your own... more

Do you sometimes feel insignificant? Do you feel unnecessary? Do you believe the world can get along without you participating? Do you ask yourself, what difference can I make? What difference can one person make? Let's look at... more

Mostly I talk to women on this show, Finding Mr. Right, but tonight I want to talk to the men, because something is happening. More and more men are showing up for therapy. The men are conrfused and hurting. So let's look at this and talk... more

Tonight I wish to respond to a program I heard this week on Blog Talk Radio that was by a Viet Nam War Veteran. It was his ideas and suggestions for having a relationship with a combat war veteran. You can listen to his show at Calling All... more

What is resistance and how does it steal our energy? How could we use our energy to assist rather than resist?

What is a phantom death? What can I do about my depression? www/

The word Paradigm means - a model - or pattern - or way of doing something - so tonight, we are going to look at a senerio for being with Mr. Right in a different paradigm - a way to be together that could be a pattern for the future. I am going... more

Tonight, I have a wedding in the gazebo in Laguna Beach at showtime. My bride, Nyarai, has found Mr. Right! and she will walk down the sidewalk on the ocean through a beautiful garden to her Mr. Right at 5:30pm and be married in the... more

Tonight we will look at 15 reasons that Mr. Right wants to be married.

I am re-running my 2 shows on The Mistress. Last week was The Mistress Part I and tonight is Part II. These 2 shows go into the clarity I have received these last 20 years about this type of relationship, and believe me, you will be... more
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