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Hello! I am Marcy Ann and I have been doing weddings at the beach for since 1994. I am an untraditionally-ordained minister who has found the unified field between science and religion. I have written a book about what I have observed over the years about love and marriage and weddings and you can download it at On my show, I will be asking and answering that big question WHY? that I have been asking my whole life! Some of the answers will amuse you and some will challenge you and some will just be My Truth with a capital T. I welcome the opportunity to dialogue with you.

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I am on vacation, and while I am away, I am running a series I did last year on prayer that had the most listens of any show I have done on Blog talk Radio since October of 2012. And since prayer is and always will be an avenue for us to tell our desires and our hopes and our dreams to someone - namely God - we need to know that God hears our prayers and the answer to ALL of our prayers is ........ YES! For all of you single people out there who are looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, prayer is a useful tool.
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while I am on vacation, I am running a series on Prayer that I did last year and had the greatest number of listeners of any shows that I have done on Blog Talk Radio. Since prayer is and always will be our ability to communicate with God,... more

Hello Everyone! I am going to be on vacation until August 6th and while I am gone, I am going to run my 3-part series on Prayer That Works Everytime. This Prayer series ran on Blog Talk Radio over a year ago and these shows have... more

Hello everyone. It's Friday night again! Time to consider finding Mr. Right! (or Ms. Right). When my book first came out and I was doing the book tour, I was so surprised about the number of men who came to hear me talk! I began asking... more

Hi Everyone! invited Carolyn to come back on and read her mantra to us again for living in her Temple. She was on my show several weeks ago, and we enjoyed her so much. She also will jump in with her ideas of living in her tample as a... more

Are you constantly saying Oh, I'm sorry -- for this or that? What is all of this apologizing all about????? Even the Catholic Church has a whole doctrine on Apologetics. Let's look at this tonight and see what we can find out that will be... more

Tonight we will look at Malificient! If you haven't seen this movie yet, and you are a single women looking to find Mr. Right, go see this movie! And we will talk about it.

Here in the middle of the week, here is a tune-up! This tune-up is soon to be available on the radio page of . You will be able to download it for free. So whenever you need a tune-up, you can play this program! The... more

I am rerunning a show I did on the cross tonight because we are still in the intense energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross that was in the sky awhile back. Let's look at the cross as a symbol in our culture and see if we can get... more

Tonight we are gong to go over the Hopes and Dreams worksheet. You can get the worksheet if you download my Book 17 Things To Do while Waiting for Mr Right. It is on page 45. Mr. Right is waiting for you on your divine path. He is... more

This is my mid-week pick-me-up energy show and today I have a special guest, Jerry Lasko. Jerry is an energy facilitator and he teaches classes on how to create and live in your Temple. When I go to my temple, I feel myself... more
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