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~ LIVE each and every Sunday @ 6:30pm EST~ Join host Anah Mae for real topics and discussions delivered in the rawest fashion. Fun, energetic, quirky, and simply irresistible. M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO... Live in the mischief.

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Some might say the basis of relationships has evolved in a number of ways. Others may say that relationships have been the way they are since the beginning of time... In the current dating world people seek to fill two positions, main... more

Most people seek to become successful but not all are willing to do what it takes. What is the price tag to success? There are many answers to this question depending on where you're going and who you ask; although if you're not... more

Rick James (may he rest in peace) told us, cocaine was a hell of a drug". Well we're beginning to think fame is one hell of an addiction as well! Join host Anah Mae in another "Random Report" this time the conversation is on selling our... more

Host Anah Mae is back live in the mischief once again with "The Cuffin' Season Report". This time we're talking sidelines and in house kitty cat. The phrase cuffin season is on its way to becoming common language but one has to wonder if it... more

They say there's "nothing new under the sun"... So if history really repeats itself why does everything seem so brand new? Does time really shape us into the people we are and determine the people we become? While some of us view... more

There are millions of "selfies" taken everyday but the truth is most people aren't truly happy with what they see reflected in themselves. Some people choose to assassinate themselves while others assassinate their own beauty or character.... more

Allow us to introduce you to the "Boss Bitch" Alja Kamillion. This rising star is a singer, songwriter, and lyricist with a very impressive resume. Kamillion has worked with the likes of Missy Elliot and Trey Songz. Join host Anah Mae live in... more

I'm not sure how many of you caught this episode of MTV'sTrue Life but if you did I'm sure it left you feeling some type of way. Join host Anah Mae as she exclusively interviews one of the cast members Tarodd White of Bad Boys Ent.... more

Join host Anah Mae live in the mischief once again with "The Random Report". Although we haven't forgotten about Mike Brown we're wondering if the rest of you have. With the new ALS ice bucket challenge we're starting to hear less... more