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Recognizing Spirit Greatness ~ Shaping Your Choices To Shape Your World

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As you awaken, your kundalini (known as the Lady Shakti in the Eastern world), sweeps up from your root chakra and into each chakra to join her divine complement, (known as Lord Shiva in the Eastern world), in your crown chakra. This mystical marriage of your inner male and female not only initiates the process wherein you are freed of the polarities of the third dimension, but it also greatly amplifies the frequency rate of your cerebral spinal fluid and potential voltage of your entire nervous system.

When goddess Kundalini rises up to your brow, or the sixth chakra, she leaves her seed of transformation in the third and fourth ventricle of your brain. Lord Shiva, who has been awaiting his divine mate in the crown, or the seventh chakra, then extends his energy into your third and fourth ventricle to fertilize the “eggs” which his mate has left for him. Their coupling opens your third eye, initiates the gestational period of your total transformation, and activates the octave leap in the voltage of your cerebral spinal fluid.

This jolt of higher frequency travels throughout your entire brain and down your spinal cord via your cerebral spinal fluid. Your cerebral spinal fluid, now charged with a higher vibration, basks every nerve ending in your brain and spinal cord. Your spinal cord then shares the shift in frequency with the nerves that leave your spinal column to innervate your entire body. As the vibratory rate of your physical body rises, so does your ability for greater expansion of your consciousness. As the anchor is raised, the ship can begin its journey.

You are the Ship and You are the Ocean ... Let's journey together!